Economic Impact

Each year, about 98% of sponsored research awards to the University of Oregon come from outside the state, contributing millions of dollars to Oregon’s economy. Research creates jobs for the people who live in our communities, pay state taxes, and send their children to our schools.

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Impact of Research

Researchers at the University of Oregon receive funding from federal agencies, state governments, and private foundations to support research pushing the boundaries of our knowledge.

  • The University of Oregon (UO) was awarded $110.3 million from external funding sources in grants, contracts and other competitive awards for the fiscal year 2013-14 (FY14).
  • These awards represent a 13% increase over award funding in fiscal year 2012-2013 (FY13).
  • The University of Oregon received 631 awards in FY14, a 66% increase over the number of awards received in FY13. 
  • 98 percent of the research awards come from outside the state.
  • Research activities accounted for 70% of the total sponsored expenditures in FY 2014, while instruction and other sponsored activities accounted for the remainder.

Read the full Sponsored Projects Services report for FY 2014.

Impact of Innovation

Discoveries at the University of Oregon do not stay confined to the laboratory—they are out creating jobs and improving the lives of the people in our state, country, and world.

  • $38.8 million in company income in calendar year 2014.
  • 262 startup jobs created.
  • 22 startups from research and innovation at the University of Oregon.
  • 8 startups from the RAIN Eugene Accelerator.
  • $7 million in licensing revenue in FY 2014.
  • Return on research through licensing income (licensing income divided by research expenditures) in 2014 was 9.2%, putting the university among the top performing research institutions nationally.

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