Sponsored Expenditures

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Overview: Sponsored Expenditures

Expenditures on 992 active grants and contracts during FY17 totaled $111.1M, including both direct costs and facilities and administration cost expenditures. FY17 sponsored expenditures increased by 3.6% ($3.8M) compared to FY16. Expenditure totals cannot be directly compared to award totals for the same fiscal year, because grant periods do not correspond strictly to our fiscal year. Organized Research accounted for $76.1M (68.5%) of the total sponsored expenditures in FY17, while Instruction and Other sponsored activities accounted for the remainder.

Overview: Facilities & Administration Recovery

Revenue from the federal government and other agencies to recover already expended university Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs totaled $22M in FY17. Although the federally negotiated F&A rate budgeted for on-campus organized research activities increased to 46.5% starting in FY17 (45% since FY13), some activities carry a lower F&A rate and some agencies do not allow the federally negotiated rate to be charged to recover the revenue against already expended university costs. The effective F&A recovery rate was 25.0% an increase compared to FY16 (23.6%). F&A costs recovered in FY17, together with some ICC fund reserves, were allocated for FY18 expenditures in many areas. These allocations yielded the following distribution:

  • Faculty Support* 42.6%
  • Unit Administration (formulaic return based on sponsored activity) 22.0%
  • Central Research Administration 22.0%
  • Utilities 13.4%

*Faculty Support includes capital construction expenditures, start-up costs, retention costs, core research facilities, support for the library and support of programs and activities related to research, scholarship and creative inquiry.