Economic Impact and Partnerships

UO Research Impact on Oregon's Economy: 

  • UO's "Research Portfolio" of spinout and startup companies grew strongly during 2010.
  • UO ranks among the top 25 U.S. universities for startup formation per research dollar.
  • The University of Oregon is now among the top 25 universities in the U.S. for return on research through licensing of technologies.

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Jobs and Revenue

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Innovation Yield

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"Top 20" National Accolades

Partnering with the Local Community:

University of Oregon research has countless connections to the local community through businesses, non-profit organizations, families, educators, schools, and the medical community. More information about these partnerships can be found in this pamphlet.

Partnerships with State Agencies and Industry:

Engineering and Technology Industry Council (ETIC)
The Engineering and Technology Industry Council (ETIC) was established in 1997 by the Oregon Legislature through SB504 to establish criteria and measurements that will be used for determining investments made from the Oregon Engineering Education Investment Fund. Make post-secondary engineering and technology education a strategic resource that fuels the Oregon economy and creates opportunity for all Oregonians.

Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC)
Oregon InC is the cross-sector leadership team created in 2005 by the Governor and State Legislature, to drive the state's innovation strategy. Oregon InC's mission is to identify Oregon's top innovation-driven growth opportunities, maximize the state's competitive advantages and establish Oregon's niche in the global economy. 

  •  Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI)
    ONAMI, the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, is the first Oregon Signature Research Center. A cooperative venture among government and world-class nanoscience and microtechnology R&D institutions and industry in the Northwest, ONAMI was created to cultivate research and commercialization to advance the leading economic sector in Oregon, and expand the benefits of technology innovation to traditional and natural resource industries.
  • Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center (BEST)
    The Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center is a leading Research & Development consortium focused on developing sustainable technologies for the 21st century. The Oregon-based Center has been active since 2007 in investigating a variety of topics relevant to the development of — and gradual transition to — renewable resources.
  • Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute (OTRADI)
    The Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute was developed by the Oregon research universities and local biotechnology companies. Oregon university research programs produce the licensable technologies and services that form the foundation of therapeutic development (lead compounds, diagnostics, and therapeutics). OTRADI provides a value added component to Oregon companies and universities to develop their respective intellectual property further before partnering with large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, seeking additional investment or, creating start-up companies. The types of tasks performed by OTRADI would include chemical and biological screens, validated targets or "hits", lead optimization, toxicology assays, medicinal chemistry and assay optimization.

Oregon Cluster Network
The Oregon Business Plan has launched the Oregon Cluster Network to identify Oregon’s mature, emerging, and potential industry clusters and assist cluster participants as they work to accelerate innovation and the growth of their industries. By consciously connecting industry leaders with university researchers, schools, media, venture capital, and other resources, the network will help cluster facilitators across the state, share best practices, and develop a regional collaborative advantage. Using cluster organizations to generate new prospects for business recruitment, develop relevant economic & market data, and guide public policy will help strengthen the Oregon economy.

Oregon University System (OUS) Research Council
The OUS Research Council serves as an advisory council to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education on research issues within Oregon. In 2005, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education charged the Research Council with monitoring and facilitating OUS research, among other responsibilities. The scope of the Council’s responsibilities is detailed in the OUS Research Council Charge.

UO Venture Development Fund
Now you can help expand Oregon’s economy—and receive an unprecedented tax break—by contributing to Oregon's new University Venture Development Fund. Your contributions to the University Venture Development Fund at the UO will support three key steps in the difficult early stages of moving commercially viable research from lab to market.