Office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education
1266 University of Oregon, 203 Johnson Hall, Eugene, OR 97403-1266
Phone: 541-346-2090 Fax: 541-346-2023

Research and Innovation Services
6218 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-6218
677 E. 12th Ave., Suite 500, Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541-346-2229  Fax: 541-346-5138
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Organization Chart

Sponsored Project Administrator Contacts and Grants Financial Coordinators by Unit

Brad Shelton Headshot
Brad Shelton
Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation
Phone: 541-346-2090
Patrick Phillips

Patrick Phillips
Associate Vice President for Research
Phone: 541-346-0916

Beth Stormshak
Beth Stormshak
Associate Vice President for Research
Phone: 541-346-2152
Pat Jones
Pat Jones
Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation
Phone: 541-346-2373
Andy Berglund Andy Berglund
Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Phone: 541-346-8425
Kassie Fisher Kassy Fisher
Assistant Dean of the Graduate School/Director of Finance and Administration
Phone: 541-346-2807
Photo of Moira Kiltie Moira Kiltie
Senior Assistant Vice President for Research
Phone: 541-346-3188
Photo of Chuck Williams Chuck Williams
Assistant Vice President for Innovation
Phone: 541-346-2028
Naomi Crow
Naomi Crow
Executive Assistant to the Vice President
Phone: 541-346-2873
Photo of Stacy Williams

Stacy Williams-Wright
Divisional Budget Director
Phone: 541-346-2888

Photo of Taylor Lewis

Lewis Taylor
Associate Director of Public Relations and Strategic Communications
Phone: 541-346-2816

Photo of Matt Hutter

Matthew Hutter
Director of Development
Phone: 541-346-2837

Andrew Stiefel

Andrew Stiefel
Communications Officer
Phone: 541-346-3157

Susan Brown (no image available)

Susan Brown
Divisional Budget Manager
Phone: 541-346-2044