UO matching funds create new endowment opportunities

The University of Oregon has partnered with the Portland chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation, a national organization that funds scholars engaged in science, engineering and medical research, to establish a new model for scholarship endowments.

Endowed ARCS Scholar Awards are designed to provide funding for ARCS Scholars in perpetuity by combining resources provided by UO ($50,000), ARCS Portland ($7,500) and an individual ARCS Portland member ($100,000).

In September, an anonymous donation from an ARCS Portland member and her family created the first university-based ARCS Scholar Award endowment in the chapter’s history. The endowment will provide for an ARCS Scholar Award of $18,000 in unrestricted funds over a three-year period to an individual doctoral candidate in biology or chemistry and biochemistry. In addition to helping cover day-to-day expenses, the award will enable doctoral students to travel to conferences so their research can be recognized.

To learn more about the new endowment opportunity, you can read the full release from ARCS Portland.