Awards: August 2016

During the month of August 2016, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received more than 58 new awards totaling more than $11.7 million in support of research activities.*

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August New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Erlandson Jon Doctoral Dissertation Research Award: The Effect of Long Term Environmental Variation on Human Adaptation MNCH NSF 2 29,000
Buck Daniel Doctoral Dissertation Research: Rail Infrastructure and the Emergence of National Identity and the Nation-State Geography NSF 1.5 15,999
Doe Christopher IND-NRSA: In vivo Analysis of Astrocyte-neuron Dynamics in Circuit Formation, Function, and Maintenance MolBio NIH 3 162,954
Seeley John Development and Validation of a Diagnostic Interview Schedule to Assess Psychopathology in Youth with Intellectual Disabilities SSET NIH 4 2,947,864
Kendall Tyler Doctoral Dissertation Research: Ethnic Differences in Naive Listener Prominence Perception Linguistics NSF 2 10,265
Lobben Amy Doctoral Dissertation Research: Neuro-imaging support for the use of audio to represent geospatial location in cartographic design Geography NSF 1.5 15,796
Shanks Alan Development of a Sustainable Gooseneck Barnacle Fishery; Initial Investigations OIMB OSU/NOAA 1 9,993
Moseley Cassandra Assessment of NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) in the 21st Century Sustainable Environment, Institute for a USDA 1 48,862
Kwok Alison Campus Audit Squads for Energy (CASE) Studies AAA American Soc of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning En 1 5,000
Sutherland David EarthCube RCN: Collaborative Research: Engaging the Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean (GRISO) Science Network Geological Sciences NSF 2 43,424
Bowerman Bruce Mitotic Spindle Assembly & Function in C. elegans MolBio NIH 4 1,937,359
Parker Robert Oregon's Media Economy: A Development, Impact, and Fiscal Analysis of the Celluloid Forest Community Service Center Oregon Governor's Office on Film and Television 6 mon 21,763
Scott Ellen A Qualitative Study of the Effect of Unpredictable Scheduling Practices in City of Portland and Multnomah County Economics United Food & Commercial Workers Union 6 mon 10,000
Sales Emily Establishing Synaptic Specificity in the Drosophila Central Nervous System (CNS): The Role of Dpr/DIP Proteins MolBio HHMI 3 138,000
Jin Qusheng Geomicrobial kinetics: a genome-based metabolic modeling approach Geological Sciences NSF 3 244,158
Lowd Daniel MediFor Technical Area (TA) 2 - Integrity Reasoning Engine and MedifFor Console Development Computer and Information Science SRI INTERNATIONAL - USAF 4 101,700
Galloway Aaron Fatty Acid and Isotopic Biomarker Analysis of Fish in Oregon Marine Reserves OIMB State of Oregon - Fish Wildlife 1 10,000
Barkan Alice Mechanisms of light regulated translation in chloroplasts MolBio NSF 3 775,399
Karlstrom Leif Collaborative Research: Waves in volcanic conduit-crack systems and very long period seismicity at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Geological Sciences NSF 2 221,040
Unsworth David Collaborative Research: Testing Individualized Cognitive Training Interventions Based on a Multifaceted Theory of Working Memory Psychology NSF 3 290,425
Pluth Michael MRI:Acquisition of a High Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Research and Education at the University of Oregon CAMCOR Facility Materials Science Institute (Chem) NSF 3 174,076
Umansky Ilana Recently-Arrived English Learners (RAEL): State Collaborative Research Project CORE Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) 1 44,879
Parker Robert Silverton Community Perception Survey Community Service Center City of Silverton 6 mon 23,285
Toomey Douglas Implementation and Development of US West Coast ShakeAlert 2016: Collaborative Research with University of California at Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, University of Washington, and University of Oregon Geological Sciences USGS 1 237,150
Roering Joshua Investigation of Cascadia Earthquake Triggered Landslides: Collaborative Research with DOGAMI and UO Geological Sciences USGS 1 33,831
Hulse David A Framework for Cold Water Refuges (CWR) in the Mainstem Willamette River and Tributaries Sustainable Environment, Institute for a Meyer Memorial Trust 2 26,000
Moseley Cassandra Northwest Fire Science Consortium Renewal - FY 17, 18, 19 Sustainable Environment, Institute for a USDA 3 175,006
Parker Robert Oregon Campus Public Safety Community Service Center State of Oregon - Department of Higher Education 6 mon 10,000
Johnson Darren SRA with Innolyzer Labs to Develop Sensors for Hydrosulfide Detection Materials Science Institute (Chem) Innolyzer, LLC 1 21,655
Herman Victoria Defining the role of a vezatin-like protein in retrograde axonal transport. MolBio NIH 2 144,011
Smith Brian Temporal-spectral Multimode Photonics for Quantum Information Science Oregon Center for Optics NSF 3 270,000
Ruiz Christopher Charles and Melinda Applegate House Site (35DO1462) Investigation, Douglas County, Oregon MNCH Applegate House Heritage Arts and Education 1 23,508
Abrams Jesse Socioeconomic Aspects of Beaver Management for Rangeland Restoration Sustainable Environment, Institute for a USDA 1 25,000
NA NA Kaiser: The Quiet Revolution The Transformation of Home Health Care in Oregon LERC Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the NW 1.5 10,000
Wang Hailin Transient quantum optomechanics in silica microresonators Oregon Center for Optics NSF 3 450,000
von Dassow George Bilateral BBSRC-NSF/BIO: Excitocell: A Rewired Eukaryotic Cell Model for the Analysis and Design of Cellular Morphogenesis OIMB NSF 4 504,826
O'Grady Pat Clovis Quest/Paleoclimate Reconstruction - Rimrock Draw Rockshelter OSMA BLM 4 35,000
Teves Stephanie Postdoc Fellow Appointment to the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration at Yale University Ethnic Studies Yale 1 50,000
Johnson Darren Supramolecular Self-Assembly and Capture as a New Route to 3D Cyclophanes Materials Science Institute (Chem) NSF 3 450,000
Snodgrass James Building the Methodological Toolkit in Biological Anthropology: Dried Blood Spot Methods Development for Addressing Key Evolutionary and Biocultural Questions Anthropology NSF 2 248,447
Silva Lucas Collaborative Research: Assessing Climate-biosphere Linkages using Late Holocene Records of Climate Variability and Vegetation Dynamics from the Brazilian Amazon and Savanna IEE NSF 3 92,395
Doxsee Kenneth Multi-State Collaborative Academic Affairs HECC-State of Oregon 1 3,000
Steiner Bethany Willamalane Needs Assessment Community Service Center Willamalane Park and Recreation District 6 mon 25,000
Chaparro Erin An Investigation of Direct Instruction Spoken English for At-Risk English Learners ECS Oregon Research Institute - USDE 1 150,023
Pulido Laura Sangre en la Tierra: Toward a Methodology for Engaging with Foundational Racial Violence Ethnic Studies Guggenheim Foundation 1 50,000
Postlethwait John IcemiR: The evolution of microRNA control in Antarctic fish ION NSF 3 870,151
Davis Edward PFYC Oregon and BLM fossil curation at UO MNCH MNCH BLM 2 25,000
Jenkins Dennis Connley Caves Curation MNCH BLM 1 26,000
Jenkins Dennis Analysis of Fish Remains in the Paisley Caves Collection MNCH BLM 1 30,000
Endzweig Pamela Bureau of Land Management Support for Digitization of UOMNCH Archaeological Organic Artifacts from Oregon's Northern Great Basin MNCH BLM 1 25,000
Bruce Joshua Incorporating Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development into State/Local Hazard Mitigation Plans Community Service Center Department of Homeland Security 1 40,000
Ralph Peter Genomic Methods for Evolutionary Theory Math Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 1 50,000
Watson Mark Luther Cressman's Field Work Films Library National Film Preservation Foundation 1 17,150
Karlstrom Leif Fluvial supraglacial erosion on the Greenland Ice Sheet as a tracer of spatially and temporally evolving melt and ice sheet dynamics Geological Sciences NASA 2 64,713
Rossi William Democratizing Natural Knowledge: Henry Thoreau in the Commons English Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation, Inc. 1 58,000
Lockery Shawn Neural regulation of innate immunity to pathogen infection in C. elegans ION WSU/NIH 1 25,033
Lockery Shawn Social behavior in C elegans larvae ION Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research/NIH 1 93,877
Martinez Charles GTF with EPIC/CEQP--Beach - Year 2 Graduate Teaching Fellowship Support for The Center for Equity Promotion CORE Educational Policy Improvement Center, Inc. 9 mon 36,551
Martinez Charles GTF with EPIC/CEQP--Thier - Year 2 Graduate Teaching Fellowship Support for The Center for Equity Promotion CORE Educational Policy Improvement Center, Inc. 9 mon 36,125

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.