Awards: August 2017

During the month of August 2017, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received more than 48 new awards totaling more than $10.0 million in support of research activities.*

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August New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Posner Michael Methods for low frequency stimulation of the human anterior cingulate cortex Psych ONR 1 59,889
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin TallWood Buildings and Indoor Environmental Quality AAA OSU/USDA 5 887,922
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Living Lab @ Peavy Hall: Structural Health Performance of Mass Timber Buildings AAA OSU/USDA 3 12,500
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Net-Zero Energy TallWood Design AAA OSU/USDA 2 150,000
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin PCC vs. R&H - ESBL Testimony AAA Lorber, Greenfield, & Polito, LLP 6 mon 6,934
Muenchinger Kiersten Sustainable Downpour in the RAIN AAA VentureWell 6 mon 8,500
O'Neill Brian Cultural Resources Inventory in the Old Highway 99N: Winchester Bridge to Pleasant Ave Improvements Project, Douglas County Museum of Natural and Cultural History David Evans and Associates, Inc. 1 29,818
Berkman Elliot Motivational Boost at Scale, Phase I PSI Harvard/Bezos Family Foundation 1 775,000
Hornof Anthony EAGER: New User-Centered Design Techniques for Building Assistive Technology for Children who are Presymbolic Communicators CIS NSF 1 149,997
Fien Hank Hawaii Dept. of Education: Maui ECRI Fixed-Price Contract CTL Hawaii Department of Education 1 mon 64,776
Bridgam Scott Post-restoration monitoring and blue carbon assessment at the Southern Flow Corridor project, Tillamook Bay Estuary, Oregon: Science-based monitoring for improved coastal community and ecosystem resilience IEE Tillamook Estuaries Partnership 2.6 37,967
Moseley Cassandra Complete 2015-2017 FFHP monitoring ISE Oregon Department of Forestry 1 mon 3,300
Yette Gabriel Epigenetic maintenance of progenitor osteoblasts by Ezh2 during bone regeneration MolBio NIH 3 114,098
Smear Matt Concentration change representation in the olfactory bulb ION NIH 1 558,432
Isenberg James On the Behavior of Solutions of Einstein's Equations and Solutions of Geometric Heat Flow Systems Math NSF 3 120,000
Norris Boyana SHF: Small: Collaborative Research: Automated Numerical Solver EnviRonment (ANSER) CIS NSF 3 224,999
Cziko Paul Oceanographic Drivers of the Invasion of Internal Ice and Its Fate in Antarctic Notothenioid Fishes IEE NSF 3 688,369
Byrne Michelle The role of brain activity and connectivity in the association between immune function and depressive symptoms, and the effect of pubertal timing: A longitudinal study of adolescent girls. Psych NIH 4 485,060
Findley Reese Active Sensation during Odor-Guided Navigation in Mice ION NIH 3 99,150
Pfeifer Jennifer Choosing to regulate: An fMRI investigation of autonomous vs. controlled self-regulation and substance use in late adolescence Psych NIH 2 391,259
Humphreys Eugene Collaborative Research: An integrated mantle to surface study of the causes and consequences of high topography in the Northern US Cordillera Earth Sciences NSF 3 222,569
Toomey Douglas Implementation and Development of US West Coast ShakeAlert 2017-2019: Collaborative Research with Univ. of California at Berkeley, California Institute of Technology, Univ. of Washington, and UO Earth Sciences USDI 1 490,581
McIntosh Kent Project ReACT: Neutralizing the Effects of Implicit Bias on Racial Disproportionality in School Discipline ECS USDE 3 1,399,484
Connolly Thomas Recovery and Stabilization of Lincoln City Human Remains Museum of Natural and Cultural History Oregon Parks & Recreation Department 9 16,570
Saltzman Riki Oregon Folklife Network Folk & Traditional Arts Partnership FY18, Traditional Arts Apprenticeships and Regional Collaborative Partnerships Oregon Folklife Network NEA 1 40,000
Huck Kevin Collaborative Research: Phylanx: Python based Array Processing in HPX Neuroinformatics Center NSF 1 93,300
Young Craig RUI: Collaborative research: The impact of symbiont-larval interactions on species distributions across southwestern Pacific hydrothermal vents OIMB NSF 3 362,031
Griffin Amanda Children's Social and Academic Competence: Integrating Genetically Informed and Prevention Research PSI NIH 3 186,426
Banks Megan SCYP Small Cities Pilot Program SCI Ford Family Foundation 1 60,000
Tanner-Smith Emily Brief Substance Use Interventions in General Healthcare Settings: Understanding Variability in Effects PSI NIH 2 443,698
O'Grady Pat Zooarchaeological Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Dry Bone Complex site (35HA4240), Harney County, Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History Dept. of Int. 5 5,600
Cresko Bill NRSA: Systems genetics analysis of natural variation in threespine stickleback host immunity and microbiota IEE NIH 2 116,232
Judd Molly Genetic Pathways that Regulate Epidermal Enclosure and Elongation during C. elegans Embryonic Morphogenesis MolBio NIH 2 116,232
Walker Ashley Novel mechanisms for cerebral artery dysfunction with aging. Human Phys NIH 2 191,822
Wang Hailin Mechanically-mediated spin entanglement in diamond MSI NSF 3 360,000
Saltzman Riki Oregon Folklife Network -Willamette Valley Folklife Survey and Public Folklore Mentorship Oregon Folklife Network NEA 1.5 40,000
Dissen Carol McGraw-Hill Curriculum Development Fixed-Price Contract CTL McGraw-Hill Education 10 mon 40,000
Majewski Stephanie CUWiP Conference 2018 High Energy Physics American Physical Society 1 40,000
Goode Joanna Online Professional Development for ECS Teachers CORE Education Development Center, Inc. 2 mon 98,802
Newman Judith Head Start Reimbursement for Early Childhood CARES Services FY2016 EC Cares Head Start of Lane County 1 20,000
Glang Ann Teams TBI 2017-2019 CBIRT Oregon Department of Education 2 470,384
Vincent Claudia WHS (We Have Skills) CORE IRIS Media Inc. 2 187,921
Sardell Shannon Complete Historic Structure Report of the Pinnacles Bear Valley School Historic Preservation Program National Park Service 1.5 25,000
Abrams Jesse Youth Aspirations And Labor Market Transitions In Rural Communities ISE USDA 3 83,756
Vignola Frank "Solar Radiation Products for the end-users" MIS-Physics SolarPACES 2 11,897
Bruce Joshua Tillamook Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Community Service Center Tillamook Estuaries Partnership 1 32,800
Mason Dyana Diversity, Inclusion, and Underrepresentation: The Role Associations Play in Growing Diversity In the Professions they Represent Community Service Center ASAE Foundation 1.5 44,335
Sardell Shannon Nominate "Mission 66" Properties at Crater Lake National Park to the National Register of Historic Places Historic Preservation Program National Park Service 3 23,088

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.