Awards: December 2016

During the month of December 2016, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received more than 18 new awards totaling more than $1.8 million in support of research activities.*

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December New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Schafer Autumn Engaging Youth to Increase their Transportation System Support, Understanding, and Use SCI NITC 1 15,000
Hartz Cheryl Replacement of Leaking Reflection Pool and Restoration of Original Plantings in the Prince Lucien Campbell Courtyard for Purposes of Restoring Historic and Artistic Integrity as well as Insuring the Long-Term Safety of Works in the JSMA's Basement Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Oregon Cultural Trust 1 22,568
Johnson Darren Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, Phase III CCI MSI-Chem OSU/NSF 1 438,762
Joye Solaris Enhanced Education Connections: Supporting Teacher Leaders in Local and Virtual Networks Project CORE WESTED 1 35,000
Muenchinger Kiersten Unparalleled Oregon Product Design: A Week-long Series of Educational Workshops, Lectures, and Exhibitions in Uniuuely Oregonian Product Design AAA NEA 9 mon 20,000
Saltzman Riki Oregon Folklife Network Traditional Arts Apprenticeship, Technical Assistance Collaboration projects, and Program Manager Oregon Folklife Network Oregon Arts Commission 1 35,000
Laslett Sarah Addressing the Health and Safety Needs of Washington Women in the Trades: Phase II. LERC University of Washington/State of Washington 1.5 15,000
Duran Lillian Expanding EARLY LANGUAGE AND LITERACY Spanish Individual Growth and Development Indicators to Monitor Progress: PM-S-IGDIs CTL University of Minnesota 1 123,985
Farrar Gretchen Oregon Arts Commission Operating Support Oregon Bach Festival Oregon Arts Commission 1 20,034
Underriner Janne Numlh-ts'vt Tr'vn' Naa-tr'aa-'a (Turning the Tide Toward Fluency) NW Indian Language Institute Smith River Rancheria Indian Tribe 7 mon 19,885
Hartz Cheryl Conservation of a Collection of Important Photographs from a 1957 Exhibition Designed by Notable 20th Century Japanese Landscape Architect Mirei Shigemori (1896-1975) Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art NEH 1.5 5,646
Barber Matthew Host-pathogen conflicts shaping bloodstream hemeprotein evolution IEE University of Utah/NIH 1 24,933
Smith Megan Resource Assistance for Rural Environments 2016-2019 Community Service Center State of Oregon/Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) 1 203,252
Parker Robert Oregon Campus Public Safety (OSP funds) Community Service Center State of Oregon - State Police 6 mon 10,000
Lovering Andrew Does patent foramen ovale closure improve exercise capacity & prevent blood flow through intrapulmonary shunt? Human Phys. American Heart Association 2 154,000
Abia-Smith Lisa ArtAccess: A Visual Art Education Program for Students with Disabilities Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Kennedy Center 1 17,541
Bruce Joshua Jackson County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update (cash match from City for PDM'15 grant 2411J0) Community Service Center Jackson County 1 6,000
Jing-Schmidt Zhuo Oregon Chinese Flagship Program 2016-2020 East Asian Languages Institute of International Education 2 674,989

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.