Awards: February 2017

During the month of February 2017, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received more than 22 new awards totaling more than $1.8 million in support of research activities.*

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February New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Freinkel Lisa IME - Becas Scholarships 16-17 UGS Undergrad Studies Admin Government of Mexico 1 10,000
Bruce Joshua Oregon RiskMAP Administration Community Service Center Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development-FEMA 1 35,660
Venkat Bharat India after Antibiotics: Tuberculosis at the Limits of Cure Anthropology Wenner-Gren Foundation 1 40,000
Hulse David Tracking Floodplain Forest In Willamette River Tributaries ISE Meyer Memorial Trust 2 60,000
Calcott Rebecca Cognitive control: A bridge between the brain and real-world behavior Psych American Psychological Association 1 1,000
Moseley Cassandra Monitoring the state's investment in accelerated restoration ISE State of Oregon - Department of Forestry 6 mon 23,926
Bowman Caitlin Memory precision and generalization: the cognitive and neural basis of adaptive memory function Psych NIH 3 172,956
Frost Stephen Doctoral Dissertation Research: Niche-Partitioning and Sympatry in the Fossil Colobines: A FUnctional Morphology Approach Anthropology NSF 1 16,456
Snodgrass James Doctoral Dissertation Research: Life history tradeoffs between testosterone and immune function among Shuar forager-orticulturalists of Amazonian Ecuador Anthropology NSF 1 11,464
Gavin Daniel Processing and Analysis of 80 samples from a Sediment Core Recovered from Galiano Island, B.C. Geography Japan-Research Institute for Humanity and Nature 3 mon 5,411
Hansen Benjamin Crime Lab of NYC Economics University of Chicago/Arnold Foundation 1 33,934
Dou Deijing University of Oregon Planning Proposal: I/UCRC for Big Learning CIS NSF 1 15,000
Emlet Richard REU Site:Exploration of Marine Biology on the Oregon Coast (EMBOC) OIMB NSF 3 361,260
Sykes Julie LinguaFolio Online 2017: Cycle 2 Year 4 Center for Applied Second Languages University of Maryland/NSA 1 114,715
Clarke Benjamin Project MAPS: Mapping Non-Response to Math Interventions (Unsolicited Resubmission) CTL NSF 1 593,414
Rasmussen Craig Improvements to Fortran Language Support in the ROSE Compiler Infrastructure Neuroinformatics DOE 6 mon 194,731
Bruce Joshua PDM'15 Region 4 County Plan Updates for Jackson and Josephine Counties Community Service Center Oregon Military Dept 3.5 44,300
Freyd Jennifer Editor: Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Psych International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation 1 8,500
Bruce Joshua City of Salem Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update (cash match from City for PDM'14 grant 2406M0) Community Service Center City of Salem 9 mon 5,000
Giuliano Ryan APA Giuliano Dissertation Psych American Psychological Association 1 1,000
Aleman Benjamin 4D Self-assembled Nanomaterials Aided by Print (SNAP) Factory MSI/Physics Voxtel/DARPA 1 50,127
Akhtari Shabnam Collaborative Research: Oregon Number Theory Days Math NSF 3 6,000

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.