Awards: January 2016

During the month of January 2016, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received 15 new awards totaling over $10.9 million in support of research activities.*

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January New Awards

First Name Last Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Judith Newman Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Services Early Childhood CARES Oregon Department of Education/Lane Education Servce District 1 9,753,062
Frank Vignola EWEB Green Power Proposal - 2015 Materials Science Institute (Physics) Eugene Water and Electric Board/Bethel School District #52 1 10,000
Ann Glang Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement with DHHS Brain Injury Research Training DHHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1 58,322
Tristan Ursell Synthetic Multiplex Promoters for Complex Transcriptional Logic Materials Science Institute (Physics) DOD/U.S. Army 1 25,000
Miriam Deutsch NSF Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment: Miriam Deutsch Physics National Science Foundation 1 162,790
Benjamin Elias CAREER: Categorical Representation Theory of Hecke Algebras Mathematics National Science Foundation 5 462,928
Alicia Ibaraki Ibaraki: APA Dissertation Award Psychology American Psychological Association 1 1,000
Carol Stabile Marie Sklodowska-Curie Global Fellowship "Imaginactivism" for Joan Haran Study of Women in Society, Center for the European Commission/Cardiff University 2 39,244
Ellen Eischen Workshop on Automorphic Forms and Related Topics Mathematics National Science Foundation 1 22,840
Gina Herrmann Voices of the Vanquished: Spanish Women of the Left between Franco and Hitler Romance Langueages National Endowment for the Humanities 1 55,400
Judith Newman Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education Services CPS Local Level Training Early Childhood CARES Oregon Department of Education/Lane Education Servce District 1 20,000
Cassandra Mosely Northwest Forest Plan Community-Well Being Literature Synthesis ISE U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 1 13,000
Karen Guillemin Cathy Robinson: NRSA Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, Selective Pressures Exerted by the Innate Immune System on Commensals in the Zebrafish Gut Molecular Biology, Institute of National Institutes of Health 3 114,120
Rebecca Dorsey Collaborative Research: Reconstructing the Origins of the Colorado River: An Integrative Study of the Miocene-Pliocene Bouse Formation Geological Sciences National Science Foundation 3 209,103
Jon Erlandson Archaeological and Biological Assessment of Submerged Landforms in the Pacific Coast Museum of Natural History San Diego State Univ/Dept of Interior 2 14,401

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.