Awards: July 2015

During the month of July 2015, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received 26 new awards and 1 competitive continuation totaling over $10.3 million in support of research activities.*

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July New Awards

First Name Last Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Michael Posner Toward a Neural Model of Human Skill Learning Psychology Office of Naval Research 4 2,157,834
Jeffrey Todahl 90by30 Child Abuse Prevention Initiative CORE External funding UO Foundation/Spirit Mountain Community Fund 1 50,000
Spike Gildea Documenting Linguistic Structure and Language Change in Yawarana [yar] Linguistics National Science Foundation 3 299,998
Chris Doe Porter Pre-doctoral Physiology Development Fellowship Award for Matt Clark Molecular Biology, Institute of American Physiological Society 1 28,300
Heudenarue Laurent Impacts of Maternal Mindfulness on Mother-Infant Biological Integrity Psychology Mind and Life Institute 1.5 14,475
Robert Parker Master Plan for the Whiteson Area Community Service Center Yamhill County 1 23,525
Frank Vignola Validation of Satellite Irradiance Models Materials Science Institute (Physics) U.S. Department of Energy 3 Months 25,000
Joanna Goode Collaborative Research: ET-ECS: Electronic Textiles for Exploring Computer Science with High School Students and Teachers to Promote Computational Thinking and Participation for All CORE External funding National Science Foundation 3 113,491
Daniel Pascoe Aguilar Peace Corps Professional Campus Recruitment Services Career Center Peace Corps 5 97,729
Wendy Machalicek Parents Taking Action: A Parent Training Program for Latino Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Educational and Community Supports USDE/University of Illinois 3 44,487
Jeffrey Todahl 90by30 Child Abuse Prevention Initiative CORE Center at Oregon for Research in Education The Ford Family Foundation 3 375,000
Bridgid Flannery Highly-qualified Interventionists with Transition Evidence-based Knowledge and Skills (HI-TEKS) ESBL U.S. Department of Education 5 1,157,505
Cassandra Moseley Long-Term Ecological Research at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (LTER7) Sustainable Environment, Institute for a National Science Foundation/Oregon State University 3 12,520
Jennifer Pfeifer Puberty, neural systems for social processes, and early adolescent mental health: A longitudinal neuroimaging study Psychology National Institutes of Health 5 2,802,524
Alexander Murphy Doctoral Dissertation Research: A Critical Geography of the United States Diplomatic Footprint Geography National Science Foundation 1 12,759
Edward Davis Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: Documenting Fossil Marine Invertebrate Communities of the Eastern Pacific - Faunal Responses to Environmental Change over the last 66 million years Museum of Natural History National Science Foundation 4 179,819
Riki Saltzman Folklife in Eastern Oregon: Survey & Public Programs Academic Extension National Endowment for the Arts 1 30,000
Dev Sinha Collaborative Work of the PLT conferences in conjunction with the ODE, Illustrative Mathematics, and Lane Ignite Mathematics Oregon Department of Education 3 Months 21,564
Deijing Dou OmniSearch: A Semantic Tool for Discovering MicroRNAs’ Critical Roles in Human Cancers Computer and Information Science National Institutes of Health/University of South Alabama 2 200,514
Michael Pluth Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) with Innolyzer, LLC Materials Science Institute (Chem) Innolyzer, LLC 2.5 Months 17,016
Boyana Norris A Machine Learning Toolkit for Predicting Optimal Numerical Methods in NEAMS Tools Computer and Information Science U.S. Department of Interior/Bureau of Land Management 1 47,827
Douglas Toomey Acquisition of fifteen (15) Transportable Array Stations in Oregon Geology State of Oregon 1 670,875
Alan Shanks The Annual Recruitment of Dungeness Crab Megalopae and the Prediction of the Future Commercial Catch; Funding for Spring/Summer 2015 Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission 1 9,993
Joseph Nese The Relation Between Instructional Context and Student Responsiveness to Intervention Behavioral Research and Teaching Society for the Study of School Psychology 1 9,704
Patrick Phillips IND-NRSA: Gavin Woodruff: Behavioral Genomics of Newly Discovered Species of Caenorhabditis Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Center for National Institutes of Health 3 168,198
GZ Brown Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Inc.(NEEA) - Program Contract Energy Stds in Buildings Lab Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 2 217,500

July Competitive Continuations

First Name Last Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Chris Doe Developmental Biology Training Grant Neuroscience, Institute of National Institutes of Health 5 1,604,035

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.