Awards: June 2017

During the month of June 2017, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received more than 27 new awards totaling more than $10.0 million in support of research activities.*

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June New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Byrne Michelle Modeling Developmental Change: Practical Integration of Advanced Neuroimaging and Statistical Methods Psychology NSF 1 19,900
Wee Weili Braddock Education Success Teams (BEST) Program (2017-18) Business Braddock Charitable Foundation 1 50,000
Chaparro Erin TIPS EdTECH: Developing Professional Development and Online Applications to Support Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) and Multi-Tiered Support Systems ECS US Dept of Ed 4 1,399,980
Shanks Alan The Annual Recruitment of Dungeness Crab Megalopae and the Prediction of the Future Commercial Catch; Funding for Spring/Summer 2017 OIMB Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission 1 9,936
Morar Nicolae Translation of the Seminars of Gilles Deleuze Environmental Studies Purdue Univ. 2 18,100
Shanks Alan Gooseneck barnacles (Pollicipes polymerus) on the Oregon Coast; Population description, feasibility of a fishery, fishery enhancement, and aquaculture OIMB OSU/NOAA 1 49,999
Alexander Leslie The Cradle of Hope: African American Internationalism in the Aftermath of the Haitian Revolution History National Academies, The 1 85,000
Cronce Jessica Social Norms and Skills Training: Motivating Campus Change PSI University of Washington 1 5,350
Smith Megan RARE 2016-17 Community: Oregon Community Food Systems Network (OCFSN) Community Service Center Oregon Food Bank 1 22,000
Baese-Berk Melissa Interactions between speech perception and production during second language learning Linguistics NSF 3 403,379
Berkman Elliot Devaluing Energy-Dense Foods for Cancer Control: Translational Neuroscience PSI NIH 5 2,927,471
Stevens Tom Graduate Training in Molecular Biology and Biophysics MolBio NIH 5 2,007,550
Klopotek Brian Indian on Both Sides: Indigenous Identities, Race, and National Boarders CAS Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 9 mon 20,000
Johnson David Synthesis, Properties and Structure-Function Relationships in Ferecrystals: New Compounds Composed of Stacked 2D Layers with Designed Nanoarchitecture MSI-Chem NSF 3 450,000
Lin Huaxin Simple amenable C*-algebras and K-theory Math NSF 3 129,067
Perkins Arden Determining the Molecular Basis for Reactive Oxygen Species Sensing by the Cytosolic Chemoreceptor TlpD from Helicobacte pylori. Molbio NIH 3 177,222
Fonstad Mark Doctoral Dissertation Research: Lateral Channel Confinement and Its Impact on Channel Morphology Geography NSF 2 15,912
Halliwill John Exercise, Inflammation, and Histamine (Halliwill AHA GIA) Human Phys. American Heart Assoc. 2 154,000
Parker Robert Central Oregon Regional Emergency Services Center Feasibility Assessment Community Service Center Deschutes County 6 mon 27,500
Fuhriman Curtis Right Turn Career-Focused Transition Initiative (Right Turn) CORE Institute for Educational Leadership 3 45,000
Quigley Mark Not Such a Long Way to Tipperary: Retracing Opposition in the First World War in Irish Popular Culture, 1914-1918 CAS American Council of Learned Societies 1 79,074
Drew Christine Wisconsin PROMISE Tele-behavior Support Research Project ECS Organization for Autism Research 1.5 1,800
Lynn Kathy North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative Tribal Climate Change Partnership Environmental Studies U.S. Fish and Wildlife 2 15,009
Mayr Ulrich Hierarchical control of sequential skills: Using EEG to decode the underlying representations Psychology NSF 3 498,721
Hahn Mike Overuse Injuries / Injury Prevention: Integration of Biomechanics-based Informatics for Prevention of Stress Fractures Human Phys. The Pac-12 Conference 2 1,223,197
Giachetti Thomas COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: What Do Obsidian Pyroclasts Tell Us: Constraints from Textures, Volatiles, and Experiments Earth Sciences NSF 3 247,791
Loinaz Izabel Urban Sustainability Director's Network (USDN) Responsible Events Business City of Eugene 6 mon 10,000

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.