Awards: October 2014

During the month of October 2014, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received 25 new awards totaling over $3.9 million in support of research activities. 

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First Name Last Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Bethany Steiner Bethel Economic Development Task Team Community Service Center City of Eugene 1 10,000
Brian O'Neill Lookingglass Creek Bridge Cultural Resources Inventory Museum of Anthropology ODOT/David Evans and Associates, Inc. 1 39,489
Aletta Biersack Defying Land Alienation: Living Indigenous Lifeways in Vanuatu, South Pacific Anthropology Christensen Fund, The 1 30,000
Bryan Rebar STEM Lab School at Arts & Technology Academy Middle School Physics Oregon Department of Education/Eugene School Dist. 4J 1 73,189
Ihab Elzeyadi CT Headquarters: Energy and IEQ Consulting Architecture St. Gobain-North American 2 133,058
Patricia Beardsley Oregon Arts Commission Operating Support Grant FY15 Oregon Bach Festival National Endowment for the Arts/Oregon Arts Commission 1 24,300
Pranjal Mehta Boulder Collaboration: Neuroendocrine Assays Psychology University of Colorado Boulder 1 27,000
Shawn Lockery Microfluidic screening devices for health-span extending drugs Neuroscience, Institute of National Institutes of Health/NemaMetrix, LLC 1 48,176
Joshua Bruce PDM'14: Local NHMP Updates: Regions 2 and 3 Community Service Center Federal Emergency Management Agency/Oregon Emergency Management 2 250,000
Richard Chartoff High Strength, Ultrathin Adaptable Condoms for Enhanced Sensitivity Chemistry Fidelity Charitable/University of Oregon Foundation 1 30,000
Mark Lonergan Supplemental funding for: Electron/hole selectivity in organic semiconductor contacts for solar energy conversion Materials Science Institute (Chem) Oregon Best 2 25,000
David DeGarmo Comparing Web, Group, and Telehealth Formats of a Military Parenting Program Prevention Science Institute U.S. Department of Defense/University of Minnesota 1 363,050
Pat O Grady Kanipe Park Pioneer Cemetery GPR Survey Museum of Anthropology Oregon Parks and Recreation Department/Friends of Mildred Kanipe Memorial Park Assoc 2 2,939
Julia Sykes Language Resource Center (LRC) Applied Second Language Studies, Center for U.S. Department of Education 4 799,847
Jeff Hanes Transnational East Asia at the University of Oregon (National Resource Centers) Asian and Pacific Studies, Center for U.S. Department of Education 4 852,000
Lynn Anderson-Inman The Sampler Archive Project: Phase 2 Advanced Technology in Education, Center for National Endowment for the Humanities/University of Delaware 2 105,616
Cheryl Hartz Development of a Comprehensive Evaluation/Assessment System Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Oregon Cultural Trust/University of Oregon Foundation 1 6,400
Cheryl Hartz Publication of Handbook of Selected Korean Art from the JSMA Collection Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art National Museum of Korea 1 37,000
Philip Fisher The role of cognitive skills in mediating risk and resiliency pathways between patterns of maltreatment experiences and longitudinal outcomes; findings from a nationally-representative sample Psychology U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2 105,764
Andrew Marcus Building a 2D-Flourescence Spectrometer Oregon Center for Optics M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust/UO Foundation 1 50,000
Joshua Bruce Oregon Local NHMP Updates (PDM'13) Community Service Center DHS/FEMA/Oregon Emergency Management 2 250,001
Elliot Berkman Reducing Craving for Cancer-promoting Foods Via Cognitive Self-regulation Psychology National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute 2 346,913
Merle Weiner A Law School Clinic: Providing Comprehensive Legal Services to Survivors and Training Future Lawyers to Do the Same Law U.S. Department of Justice 3 300,000
Craig Young Charleston Marine Life Center Economic Development Funding Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Coos County 1 10,000
Benjamin McMorran Printed Gradient Index of Refraction (GRIN) Phase Plate Oregon Center for Optics NASA/Voxtel Corporation 1 37,500