Awards: October 2015

During the month of October 2015, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received 26 new awards totaling over $4 million in support of research activities.*

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October New Awards

First Name Last Name Project Department Source Length (years) Total Budget
Richard Chartoff Research Support for The Polymer Characterization and Thermal Analysis Laboratory MSI Fidelity Charitable Trust 6 mon 30,000
Dennis Galvin Feasability Study for English Language Training, Mohammed Al-Mana College for Health Science (MACHS) Global Studies Institute Mohammed Al-Mange College for Health Sciences 3 mon 17,388
Judith Hibbard Presenting Health Plan Information so that Consumers Value Quality as Well as Cost ISE George Washington Univ. 1 58,495
Jessica Green Biology and Built Environment (BioBE) Center Renewal IEE Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2 1,375,000
Laurie Woodward Moss St. Children's Center 2015-16 LaneKids Parenting Education Erb M.U. United Way 1 5,000
George von Dassow Transient cytoskeletal arrays OIMB University of Wisconsin 4 274,972
Thomas Connolly Owyhee Canyonlands Cultural and Historical Resources Summary Museum of Anthropology Conservation Lands Foundation 3 mon 19,959
Cassandra Mosely Local Contracting Capacity (Bid Lot E) -- First Task Order, New Biennium ISE Oregon Department of Forestry 1 14,330
Randy Kamphaus A Psychometric Investigation of Universal Screening for Social-Emotional Development in Preschool Using Parent and Teacher Informants PSI University of South Carolina 4 40,600
Cassandra Mosely Good Neighbor Authority: A Comparison of Procurement and Labor requirements for Forest Restoration ISE Oregon Department of Forestry 3 mon 27,188
Kevin Moore FCU/PFS Training - Marion County PSI Marion County OR 1 mon 2,150
Leslie Leve Utilizing Adoption-Based Research Designs to Examine the Interplay Between Family Relationship Processes and Child Developmental Outcomes PSI University of Sussex 1.5 16,398
Geraldine Richmond Oregon Episcopal School JSHS COACH DOD 1 9,050
Nicholas Allen ORI Subaward: Depressed Mothers' Parenting of Adolescents: Social-cognitive & Neural Mechanisms Psych Oregon Research Inst. 5 956,740
Joshua Bruce City of Eugene Disaster Preparedness Presentations Community Service Center City of Eugene 1 5,300
Joshua Bruce EWEB Disaster Preparedness Presentations Community Service Center Eugene Water & Electric Board 1 2,500
David Johnson GAP: Characterization of Self-Assembled Catalytic Nanolayers and Selective Electroless Adhesion/Barrier Layers MSI Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute 1 250,000
David Hulse Urban Water Innovation Network ISE NSF/Colorado State Univ/Oregon State Univ 4 330,001
Kathleen Wagle Curator & Critic Tour - Connective Conversations 2015-2019 School of Architecture and Allied Arts dept The Ford Family Foundation 5 255,000
Shannon Boettcher Match to: Semiconductor-electrocatalyst Contacts:Theory, Experiment, and Applications to Solar Water Photoelectrolysis Materials Science Institute (Chem) Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center 2 33,333
Robert Melnick Training, Outreach, and Collaboration in Cultural Landscape Climate Change Adaptation Approaches for the National Park System Sustainable Environment, Institute for a National Park Service 2 11,750
Robert Melnick Climate Change Adaptation for Historic Preservation - NPS Preservation Workshop for Pacific Island Historic Preservation Offices Sustainable Environment, Institute for a National Park Service 1 32,166
Robert Parker McKenzie River Interpretive Center Feasibility Assessment Community Service Center Meyer Memorial Trust/Friends of Old McKenzie Fish Hatchery 6 mon 28,623
Jeffrey Sprague San Diego Youth Services - Training Subcontract 15-16 CORE County of San Diego/San Diego Youth Services 1 15,000
Daniel Gavin Climate Change, Fire History and Redwood Abundance Across Space and Time Environmental Science Institute U.S. Department of Interior/Humboldt State University 3 7,931
Daniel Tichenor Democracy's Shadow: Undocumented Immigrants and the Quest for Inclusion Political Science Carnegie Corporation of New York 2 194,100

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.