SPS Quarterly Update: January 2016

Quick Reference Card updated

Sponsored Projects Services has updated the Quick Reference Card (QRC). The QRC serves as a UO reference and guidance document for preparing sponsored project proposal budgets submitted by UO researchers requesting external funding.

SPS launches Departmental Grant Administrator (DGA) Certification module.

All DGAs are required complete this module by March 31, 2016.

PI Recertification due soon
It has been a year since the implementation of the Principal Investigator (PI) certification, so many PIs will be due to recertify in the next few months. Check the SPS site for details. 

A few other items of interest...

  • The February training calendar is available on the SPS web site
  • The F&A rate agreement is still in process with DHHS, but the new rates will be available soon
  • SPS is working to fill the open Sponsored Projects Administrator position in Post Award. Look for the posting in the next few weeks!


Sponsored Projects Services
Sponsored Projects Services works with the UO community to provide proposal budget preparation, institutional clearances and grant and contract administration.

Phone: (541) 346-5131          E-mail: sponsoredprojects@uoregon.edu