2016 Faculty Research Awards recipients

The Interim Vice President for Research & Innovation announces the recipients of the 2016 Faculty Research Awards.

The purpose of the Faculty Research Awards program is to stimulate research by providing faculty with support for research expenses, including travel, equipment, supplies, contractual services, shared facility use, graduate or undergraduate student effort, or as a stipend during the summer months.  

Congratulations to the 2016 Faculty Research Award recipients:     

Jennifer Ablow, Associate Professor, Psychology, “MP3:  Mindful, Perceptive, Present Parenting Skills for New Mothers at Risk for Parenting Problems.”

Kyuho Ahn and Linda Zimmer, Associate Professors, Architecture, “Post-Occupance Evolution of the Ed Roberts Campus:  Universal Design and Aspects Based on User Profiles.”

Nicholas Allen, Professor, Psychology, “Immune functioning and depressive symptoms in adolescents:  the effects of parenting.”

Erin Beck, Assistant Professor, Political Science, “City of Lights:  Building on New Trends in International Development.” 

Lara Bovilsky, Associate Professor, English, “Almost Human:  The Bounds of Personhood in Early Modern England.” 

Nicole Dahmen, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, “The visual presentation of candidates in the 2016 presidential campaign.”

Jon M. Erlandson, Professor, Anthropology, “Documenting an Ancient Anthropogenic Landscape on California’s Santa Cruz Island.” 

Elizabeth (Beth) Esponnette, Assistant Professor, Product Design, “Chemical (Reactive) 3D Printing:  A New Method for Manufacturing Silicone and Rubber.” 

Alisa Freedman, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, “The Forgotten Story of Japanese Women Who Studied in the United States, 1949-1966.”

Stephen Frost, Associate Professor, Anthropology, “Analysis of oldest, most complete skeleton of Theropithecus oswaldi.” 

Jill Ann Harrison, Assistant Professor, Sociology, “Work, Culture and Risk:  The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Louisiana Shrimp Fishers.” 

Derrick Hindery, Associate Professor, International Studies, “Impacts of Natural Gas Pipelines on Bolivia’s Chiquitano Forest, Pantanal Wetlands, Chaco Forest and Indigenous Peoples Under Market-Oriented Development versus State-led Economic Development.” 

Tom Lininger, Professor, Law, “Professional Codes and Ethical Duties to Protect the Environment.” 

Michelle McKinley, Associate Professor, School of Law, “Bound Biographies; Reconstructing the Lives of African-Descent Peoples in the Early Modern Atlantic.” 

Daniel Rosenberg, Professor, Clark Honors College, “Time Online.” 

Aparna Sundar, Assistant Professor, Marketing, “How Positioning Can Bias the Health-halo.” 

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska, Professor, Linguistics, “Russian provincial and military police files on the forced resettlement of Russian citizens of German Background in Russian Poland during World War One.” 

Merle H. Weiner, Professor, Law, “A Comparative Law Analysis of the Parent-Partner Status.”

Julie Weise, Assistant Professor, History, “Citizenship Displaced:  Migrant Political Cultures in the Era of State Control.” 

Lisa Wolverton, Professor, History, “Plunder, Money, and the Czech Economy in the Aftermath of the German Civil War (1073-1126CE).”


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