Letter From the Vice President – June 2014

The offices for Research & Innovation and the Graduate School are tightly linked and we will work shoulder to shoulder to advance the outstanding research and education happening every day across campus in classrooms, laboratories, libraries, studios and performance spaces. A passion for knowledge and discovery inspires both our faculty and our students and our two offices will continue to work together to support excellence in research, innovation and graduate education.

Some of the ways we will collaborate include:

Partnering on events such as the upcoming Big Data Symposium, and on communication efforts for the Graduate Student Research Forum and research-focused events.
Working together to secure and sustain gifts, awards and fellowships that benefit students and support research activity, such as:

  • The RAINMaker Fund, a privately funded outgrowth of the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network that is targeted to upper-level undergraduates and all graduate students who show great promise as entrepreneurs.
  • The Dixon Graduate Innovation Awards, a program that creates innovative experiences for doctoral students,  prepares them for careers outside of academia, and builds new connections between the UO and museums, non-profits, private companies, national laboratories and other partners.
  • Continuing to look for new external sponsors that create opportunities for our graduate students and provide financial support for our research, such as the relationships established through the Graduate Internship Program and the Graduate Student Research Forum.
  • Continued close coordination in the allocation of graduate support across campus in the form of Promising Scholar awards and other graduate teaching and research fellowships.

We’ll also continue to support each other by sharing resources, celebrating successes and creating momentum together as we did during last week’s Research Excellence Awards.

As we look to the future of research, innovation and graduate education, this seems a good time to congratulate the close to 700 students that we expect will receive their graduate degrees this month.

In 2013-14, approximately 2,950 students were enrolled in our master’s and doctoral programs. Graduate students make up approximately 15 percent of the total UO student population and contribute substantially to the diversity of that population. Our graduate students come from all over — 67 percent hail from outside the state of Oregon and 13 percent are international students. Their areas of expertise cover an incredible range that includes everything from physics to dance to archaeology to community and regional planning. Although our students come from all over, survey data indicates about half remain in Oregon after completing their graduate degree, contributing to a “brain gain” for our state.

We wish this year’s graduates the best of luck in their lives and careers, and we thank them for inspiring us all with their energy and enthusiasm.


Shelton and BerglundShelton and BerglundBrad Shelton
Interim VP Research & Innovation; Vice Provost Budget & Planning
(541) 346-2090

Andy Berglund
Interim Dean of the Graduate School
(541) 346-8425