Message to the UO Research Community


In ceremonies on Feb. 8-9, 2017, employees of OVPRI were recognized for their years of service to the UO. I wish to express my thanks to them for all the work they do in supporting the research enterprise. Every discovery, every advancement in knowledge, every research award that occurs at the UO is enabled by the work of many people. I greatly appreciate their service and dedication to our mission. Please join me in congratulating these honorees:
Center on Teaching & Learning
Nick Phillips, Administrative Program Assistant – 5 years
Core Business Services
Diana Alderette, Office Specialist 2 – 10 years
Graduate Internship Program
L Carabajal, Operations Manager – 5 years
Humanities Center
Melissa Gustafson, Program Coordinator – 10 years
Institute of Molecular Biology
Autumn Wicklund, Media Room Supervisor - 20 years
Institute of Neuroscience
Christian Pich, Java Architect - 10 years
Adam Unger, ION Business Manager – 5 years
NW Indian Language Institute
Cesca Blythe, Office Coordinator - 5 years
Oregon Center for Optics
Brandy Todd, Assistant Director of Administration - 15 years
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Lisa Samuelsen, Head Cook 2 - 5 years
RCS Operations
Carolyn Craig, Sr Rsch Compliance Admin – 5 years
Sheryl Johnson, Director – 5 years
Sponsored Projects Services
Analinda Camacho, Director, Sponsored Project Services – 5 years
Neva Piper, Sponsored Projects Administrator – 10 years
Valerie Whelan, Sponsored Projects Contracts Officer – 5 years
Christina Wozniak, Sponsored Projects Administrator – 5 years
Research Technical Services
David Dose, Analyst Programmer 3 – 25 years
Vice President's Office
Cass Moseley, Associate Vice President for Research – 15 years
Stacy Williams-Wright, Divisional Budget Director – 15 years
David O. Conover, PhD
Vice President for Research and Innovation
Professor of Biology
University of Oregon