Research initiative to address climate change, natural hazards

On Monday, April 1, 2019, Cass Moseley, senior associate vice president for research and innovation, issued the following announcement:


Dear colleagues,

We live in a time of accelerated social and environmental change and the UO — with its deep tradition in “green” education, research, scholarship, and creative practice — is well-positioned to address some of the major issues around sustainability, resilience, and climate change.

Mark your calendars for May 20, 2019 for an “Interdisciplinary Social-Environmental Research Symposium” to identify and elaborate the social-environmental challenges and opportunities facing our region, and our world, that our faculty are uniquely poised to address through interdisciplinary research and scholarship.

At this working meeting, we will collaboratively:

  • Elaborate the major socio-environmental problems that UO faculty are uniquely poised to address
  • Sketch preliminary project and proposal ideas for tackling these problems via interdisciplinary research and public engagement
  • Launch a seed funding program to build research collaborations
  • Build new relationships, strengthen collaboration, and foster community among faculty

This will be a collaborative working meeting. Formal presentations will be kept to a minimum.

In preparation for this meeting, we are organizing small “coffee klatches” where faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds will be connected to answer the question: “If we were to pursue a collaborative social-environmental research project, what is the most interesting question we could explore?” Sign up for a Coffee Klatch here!

Coffee Klatch participants will be automatically registered for the May workshop. If you wish to participate in a coffee klatch, but are unable to attend the symposium, please e-mail If you cannot participate in a Coffee Klatch, but wish to attend the symposium, please sign up here.

For further details on this event, please review our website.

Looking forward to seeing you there!




Cass Moseley & Christoph Lindner

On behalf of the Faculty Visioning Committee