Transitioning to the UO Blended Rate Structure: Guidance for Sponsored Projects

Effective July 1, 2017, the University of Oregon is implementing a new process for how it budgets and charges for employee benefits such as vacation and sick time, health insurance, retirement, unemployment and workers compensation -- collectively grouped as Other Personnel Expenses or OPE. Once implemented, this new model provides for the consistent accumulation and allocation of OPE expenses as required by federal cost accounting standards 501 and 502, and the Office of Budget and Management’s uniform guidance (2 CFR 200). These rates will be reviewed and updated annually to ensure an accurate allocation and any over or under recovery of actual OPE costs will be adjusted each year for each rate category. 

Moving to a blended rate structure will, of course, impact not only departments, centers, and institutes, but also individual sponsored projects.

Additional details are outlined in a memo from Vice President for Research and Innovation, David Conover.