Science is filled with stories of accidental discoveries ...
Spark Grants provide student entrepreneurs with funding for innovative ideas
Nomination request for the 2016 UO Research Excellence Awards.
UO faculty and staff were awarded over $10.9 million in research awards during the month of January.
Happy New Year! Winter term is underway...
IPS hires Jim Deane as new Associate Director
Quick Reference Card updates, DGA certification and a new administrator position in SPS.
Recipients of HURF and UROP Mini-grant selected, VPRI Undergraduate Fellowships, PURS program and undergraduate research skills training.
Orientation for new UO researchers plus an information sessions for navigating NIH and NSF grants process and FY 2016 incentive programs from OVPRI.
RCS updates the Initial Review Application, launches a new website, and two RCS staff members pass the CIP examination.


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