Addressing the #InnovationDeficit

The University of Oregon is part of a national campaign to close the innovation deficit <--break->— an effort by leaders of the business, higher education, scientific, and high-tech manufacturing communities who are concerned about cuts and stagnating federal investments in research and higher education at a time when other nations are pouring resources into these areas.innovation deficit

Only through an investment in research and higher education can the nation develop the ideas, the people, and the innovations that power the nation’s economy, create jobs, improve health, and strengthen our national security, ensuring that the U.S. maintains its role as global leader. We believe that the growth supported by innovation will help the nation address its fiscal challenges.

If you share our belief that the nation needs sustained investments in research and higher education, we urge you to share the #InnovationDeficit video posted on our homepage, join the social media campaign by tweeting and retweeting  #InnovationDeficit. You can find out more at