Lewis Integrative Science Building—In the News

A collection of recent news stories on the University of Oregon's new high-powered hub for the sciences, the "Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building".

Under One Roof
New UO Science Building Designed to Stimulate Collaboration, Innovation

A Place for Innovation The Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building is the first LEED-certified platinum building on campus and one of the most sustainable science buildings in North America. It will use 60 percent less electricity than code regulations."

Rosemary Howe Camozzi - Spring 2013

ArchitectureWeek highlights the Lewis Integrative Science Building

Designed by THA Architecture with HDR, Inc, the Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB) is a 103,000-square-foot (9,570-square-meter) addition to the university's science complex.

Architecture Week - People and Places - 11/27/2012

New UO research building delivers

An UO graduate remembers old university buildings from his time as a student. Story about the UO mixing the past and present in building designs.

by Rob Smith - 11/08/2012

Lewis Integrative Science Building Opens At University of Oregon

Story detailing the unveiling and some of the features of the new science building.  Seen as a way for the collaboration between researchers by bringing different disciplines into the same building.

by Joanna Evoniuk - 10/25/2012

The Last Details

Workers put the finishing touches on the Robert and Beverly Lewis Integrative Science Building on the University of Oregon campus this week. The four-story building will house a variety of researchers and faculty members. They include the Support Network for Research and Innovation in Solar Energy, the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry and the Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for NeuroImagin. The $65 million building was financed through private gifts, federal and state grants, and $30 million in state bonds. The public will get a chance to tour the new building at an open house scheduled for 3 p.m. Friday.

by Chris Pietsch - 10/25/2012

New UO Science Building Encourages Collaboration

Story describing the new UO science building.

by Rachael McDonald - 10/24/2012

Audio: http://klcc.org/featureaudio/10%2024%20LEWIS %20SPOT.mp3

Taking sustainability and collaboration to the next level: Lewis Integrative Science Building opens Friday

Story detailing some of the excitement about the new building emphasizing solar panels and low power consumption.

by Dana Macalanda - 10/23/201

New UO science center set to open

Story detailing the new $65 Million Lewis Integrative Science Center which has 30,000 square feet of lab space, glass walled labs and a new full body MRI machine.

by Tom Adams - 10/23/2012

UO Unveils New Science Center

Story about the unveiling of the new open concept, 103,000 square-foot, five story Lewis Integrative Science Center.

by Lauren Mickler - 10/23/2012

Shop Talk: Jersey Voters Will Decide Fate of $750-Million Bond Bill

The U. of Oregon is preparing to open the $65-million, 103,000-square-foot Lewis Integrative Science Building. The building, connected to others in the university’s science complex, features open labs, offices for faculty members and graduate students, and an atrium with a three-story whiteboard to encourage “cross-pollination,” university officials say.

By Lawrence Biemiller - 10/09/2012

Shop Talk: Careful Planning, Creativity May Win Platinum for Science Building

U. of Oregon officials say the $65-million Lewis Integrative Science Building is poised to earn a LEED-platinum designation from the U.S. Green Building Council. Although the ventilation needs of science buildings are notorious energy hogs, the university says the new building’s architects...

By Lawrence Biemiller - 04/18/2012