October is National Arts and Humanities Month

At the University of Oregon, research and scholarship in the arts and humanities take many forms, from published research to new creative works. President Obama declared October 2015 National Arts and Humanities Month to celebrate artistic expression in all its forms and honor the ways the humanities help illuminate the conditions of our national life.

In honor of National Arts and Humanities month, we’re sharing stories from across campus that feature UO researchers whose scholarship and creative work is advancing their fields and helping us document the human experience across the centuries.

Each day in October, we’ll feature a new story on our website. You can also share stories on Twitter using the hashtags #UOResearch and #NAHM or share them with us by sending an email to ovpricomm@uoregon.edu.


Archaeologists to return to Oregon's Fort Rock Cave

Using advancements in technology, researchers hope to learn more about the cave's history and solidify early conclusions of Luther Cressman.


Direct impact: fiction writer plunges into war zone to tell a real life story

An associate professor of creative writing, Jason Brown had barely arrived in Kabul when his carefully crafted plan took a dramatic turn.


How the University of Oregon launched a video channel for books

Fueled by enthusiasm and ambition, a dedicated class of undergraduates set out this past winter term to create Booklandia.tv.


Discussions on white privilege distract from the real issues raised by racial profiling in American policing, one of the key claims in Zack's new book.


UO study finds no disadvantages for kids raised by same-sex parents

Children raised by same-sex couples have similar outcomes to those raised by heterosexual parents, according to a new study co-authored by University of Oregon  sociology professor Ryan Light.


Wacks publishes new book on Sephardic literature

Wacks examines the works of Sephardic writers from the 13th to the 16th centuries and shows that this literature was shaped by two interwoven experiences of diaspora.

Creative Works

More good news for Dossin's Bernstein

After enjoying a round of positive press at the time of its spring release, Alexandre Dossin’s new recording of Bernstein continues to wow critics.


Innovative Collaborations

Art and science collaboration explores creativity of barnacles

A winning collaboration between UO faculty researchers was on display at the Bellevue Arts Museum this summer.