UO alumni receive $75,000 investment for food-buying startup

Eugene startup Manage My Co-Op recently received a $75,000 investment from Oregon BEST, a nonprofit focused on clean technology innovation. The company’s software allows consumers to purchase food that has been shipped directly from farmers to local buying clubs, reducing shopping trips to retail stores and eliminating food waste.

“People adore it, said Kimmy Gustafson, CEO of Manage My Co-Op. “Overwhelmingly, the response has been positive, because it's filling a much-needed gap in the market."

Founded by UO alumni Kimmy and Nathan Gustafson in 2013, Manage My Co-Op was among the first group of companies to graduate from RAIN Eugene, a startup accelerator jointly sponsored by the University of Oregon and the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce that launched in July 2014.

According to Kimmy Gustafson, the company has used a portion of the $75,000 from Oregon BEST to hire a University of Oregon programming student to help Nathan Gustafson, Chief Technology Officer, continue development of the buying software. They will be developing a vendor module to help local farmers quickly locate buying clubs, enter product and pricing information and ensure changes to that information auto-update across the platform to all clubs using the software.

"There is nothing else like this on the market for vendors," Kimmy Gustafson said. "The support from Oregon BEST has been absolutely essential.”

Currently a beta version of the software is being used by nine buying clubs in Oregon, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Canada, and even New Zealand.

You can read more about Manage My Co-Op in a recent story by the Register Guard.