UO Board of Trustees Approves Bradford’s Gift

The University of Oregon Board of Trustees on Thursday agreed to accept a “Gift of Real Property” from the city of Eugene for a downtown building that will house the greater Eugene area implementation of the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network (RAIN) and other university innovation activities.

RAIN is a state and local partnership of governments, higher education, the business community and entrepreneurs designed to advance the formation and growth of tech-based startups regionally. RAIN Eugene, a partnership of the university, the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce and local government, operates the RAIN Eugene Accelerator and associated RAIN Eugene programs.

The vote by the Board of Trustees, which is required by Board policy, paves the way for the transfer of a building at 942 Olive St. to the University of Oregon. On Feb. 9, the Eugene City Council voted to transfer ownership of the city-owned building to the university for the nominal sum of $1.

Located adjacent to the downtown campus of Lane Community College and currently occupied by Bradford’s Home Entertainment Center, the building will provide 12,800 square feet of flexible space for training, education and support of entrepreneurs from the university and the community. Envisioned as an entrepreneurial hub, the building will become home to the RAIN Eugene Accelerator and house complementary UO activities that predominantly support commercialization of university-based or university-assisted research. These include the Tyler Invention Greenhouse, a program sponsored by the Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust, and UO Department of Product Design’s Downtown Innovation Launch Lab.

The RAIN Eugene accelerator is an intensive 12-week program focusing on mentored support of the three most important components of a new business; people, product and plan. The Tyler Invention Greenhouse seeks to build upon the UO’s strengths in green chemistry and green nanoscience and encourage green product ideas stemming from basic research discoveries. The Downtown Innovation Launch Lab is a set of design studios and design services connecting UO’s expertise and students in product design with entrepreneurs inside and outside of the university.

The city of Eugene and the UO are already engaged in innovation activities together through RAIN. RAIN Eugene is currently housed in a temporary space in the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. The move to the downtown core will further strengthen ties between the city and the UO, advance the formation of new companies in the South Willamette Valley, and benefit downtown and the city’s overall economy, say city council members who approved the transfer.

The timeline for renovating and occupying the new building allows RAIN and the UO to begin accessing the building as early as April 6, 2015. Renovations, including seismic upgrades, will continue through February 2016, when RAIN will occupy the building, followed by the Tyler Invention Greenhouse and the Product Design lab. Renovation costs will be offset through state bonds, the Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust, University resources and/or philanthropy. The building will be operated by the University of Oregon through the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation.

Conceptual design of the interior: