Discovery & Innovation

Krista Chronister of the University of Oregon is trying to get women and children out of unsafe family situations.
Dec. 27, 2012
Did you get angry during the last election? A UO researcher says your hormones may be to blame.
Nov. 27, 2012
Stephen A. Dueppen, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Oregon, has documented a political transformation from the 12th century.
Nov. 12, 2012
UO postdoctoral researcher Ellie Heckscher's research is supported by the American Heart Association.
Sep. 10, 2012
Social media is breathing new life into the academic study of lifestyles, says Lynn R. Kahle of the University of Oregon.
Aug. 2, 2012
Come fall, the air and grounds on the University of Oregon campus will be noticeably different. The UO will be an entirely smoke and tobacco-free campus.
Aug. 1, 2012
University of Oregon scholars Mia Tuan and Jiannbin "J" Lee Shiao are exploring how Korean adoptees form identity.
Jul. 27, 2012
A collaboration between University of Oregon scientists and a sustainable buildings featured in Discover Magazine.
Jul. 25, 2012
A team of University of Oregon researchers, led by Andrew Lovering, are spending four to six weeks at Bolivia's Mount Chacaltaya.
Jul. 2, 2012