Idea Awards announced for March 2014 Cycle

The Office for Research & Innovation is pleased to announce Azim Shariff, assistant professor of psychology, and Michelle Wood, professor of biology, as the recipients of the Idea Awards for the spring 2014 cycle. The awards are designed to stimulate discussion and development of new collaborative research projects that will enhance the UO’s research strengths. Funds are used to encourage collaborative research and engage faculty in projects to facilitate research excellence.  Azim Sharriff

Azim Shariff, Assistant Professor, Psychology

“The Scientific Study of Values”

This project will bring in prominent values scholars who have had extensive experience procuring funding for interdisciplinary projects. To support UO faculty who are studying values from across different disciplines, Professor Shariff will host four interest group meetings directed towards the production of interdisciplinary grant proposals.

Michelle WoodMichelle Wood, Professor, Biology

“MARine FLOW Cytometry (MARFLOW) – Extending Core Facility Capability to Include Marine Microbial Research”

This research group of UO marine scientists will analyze samples in-house with flow cytometry and state-of-the-art fluorescence activated cell-sorting instrumentation.  This relatively new instrumentation design represents next-generation research capability in ocean sciences. This project should allow for greatly expanded opportunities for funding by UO marine microbial ecologists.