COVID-19 FAQ for Researchers

This page contains the most frequent questions that remain relevant. The University of Oregon Incident Management Team response to the CoVid-19 pandemic is now demobilized. Our legacy FAQ is here for those interested in that older information.

What research activities are currently permitted? How do I obtain approval to conduct research?

All research activities are now permitted within University guidelines and policies without review/approval by IMT. Please review OVPRI’s Staged Approach for Restarting Research Activity for more details.

I am a student/faculty/staff member planning travel for research. I have upcoming project-related travel and/or fieldwork. What approvals do I need?  Will I still be able to travel to …?

Please follow the guidance on the UO Travel page. 

Someone in my research group believes they have been exposed to COVID-19. Where can I find guidance on how to report this concern and how to ensure safety for other members of the team?

Contact UO ELR at They will walk you through the process. Please also refer to: Supervisor Guidance for Employee Exposure Concerns.

Can I require my staff to get tested for COVID-19 before coming to campus or joining my lab?

No. Please see the Testing, Contact Tracing, and Case Management FAQs for information about testing at UO.

How do I get vaccinated? Can I ask about vaccination status? What are the rules governing vaccination?

Please refer to the UO’s information on testing and vaccination.

For Human Subjects Research, what about contact tracing and the possibly of having to disclose confidential participant information?  What do I need to do?

You need to anticipate that it may be necessary to disclose personally identifiable information about a participant in order to comply with public health contact tracing program requirements. A Contact Tracing Disclosure Form was created to include disclosure language about this institutional requirement and the inherent limitations to confidentiality that contact tracing may present.

Before an individual is consented to participate in the research, they must review and complete the Contact Tracing Disclosure Form.  For further information on working with human subjects, please contact Research Compliance Services (