Data Management

A data management plan is a formal document that outlines what you will do with your data both during your research and after it’s completed. Most researchers have some form of a data management plan, but often don't know the full scope of issues to sort out or perhaps plan to figure it out later.

Many federal and non-federal funding agencies are starting to require formalized Data Management Plans. As of January 18, 2011, the National Science Foundation requires a 2-page plan as part of the formal, peer-reviewed proposal process. Other agencies will likely follow close behind.

Developing a data management plan can be time consuming, tedious, and daunting, but it's a very important step in ensuring that your research data is safe and sound for the present and future. With the right process and framework it doesn't take too long and can pay-off enormously in the long-run.

UO's offices for Research and Innovation, Graduate Education, the UO Libraries, and Information Services are working together to provide UO researchers with information and advice on data management plans. We encourage you, particularly early in the adoption of these new requirements, to take advantage of our resources and expertise to make your grant application as competitive as possible. Through a process of getting to know your research, data and goals, we can help you develop a data management plan that will work optimally for your research project. 

By doing this work at the beginning of your research process, you will have a far easier time following through, complying with funding agency and publisher requirements, and creating the relationships that will promote the adoption of your work.

Please visit UO’s comprehensive website to assist with the creation of Data Management Plans.

As a part of your data management, you will need to consider obtaining permissions for data you want to use in your research and setting permissions for sharing and distributing any data you generate during your research. Technology Transfer Services is available to discuss obtaining and setting permissions and other considerations for the distribution of any data you generate during your research. Our IPS unit has prepared information on Constructing Data Access Permissions and Intellectual Property considerations for your review and are available to answer questions or for consultations.