IACUC Transition Paperwork & Templates

Before you begin the paper process, please check: What method should I use to submit my amendment?


IACUC Transition Paperwork

Form Purpose
Amendment Form This form needs to be attached to any amendment processed through the IACUC office during the transition period. We will need the procedure, grant or personnel forms applicable to the amendment request attached with the submission emailed to:  iacuc@uoregon.edu
Personnel Form

Personnel page for new personnel to fill out and attach to amendments during transition period.

Current training checklists below.

*Forms in the table above should only be used if you are using the paper transition method


Templates for procedures

*can be used as templates post protocol in the RAP system

category forms
Substance Substance Procedure
Surgery Non-survival Surgery Procedure
Surgery Survival Surgery
Surgery Survival Surgery Headplate



Experimental Procedure

(use this for all types not described elsewhere)

Euthanasia Euthanasia Procedure
Procedure Behavioral Procedure
Procedure Antibody Production
Procedure Imaging Procedure
Procedure Food & Fluid Regulation
Procedure Physical Restraint Procedure
Procedure Tissue or blood collection
Amendment Amendment specific questions
Protocol Blank protocol form

IACUC RAP Help Materials


Personnel Training Checklists: