Research News

The program empowers interdisciplinary teams and positions them for future external funding opportunities.
Six UO faculty members were selected for the international study awards.
Raghuveer Parthasarathy and Trudy Ann Cameron are honored for contributions to their fields by the prestigious national organization.
University of Oregon assessments, interventions, and tools address pandemic disruptions to learning to reach millions of children in their time of need.
Anshuman Razdan is honored for his contributions to facial and handwriting recognition, as well as enabling location data for aerial imagery.
A gelatinous sea creature could teach engineers a lesson or two.
COVID-19 support, diversifying STEM talent are highlights of another consecutive year of research awards growth.
Artistic portrayals of deep-sea organisms help connect people with these unreachable creatures — aiding conservation efforts.
The year’s highlights include an acquisition, record income and patent filings, and new partnerships.