Environment Initiative Seed Funding Program

Overview and Program Goals

The Environment Initiative aims to focus the intellectual energy and work of faculty, students, and community partners on working towards a just and livable future through transdisciplinary research, teaching, and experiential learning. The effort is part of the UO’s academic initiatives, dedicated efforts to collaborate across disciplines, translate discovery for societal benefit, and develop the next generation of leaders and problem solvers.

Given the shared goal of the Environment Initiative and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation to further this important work, the units are collaborating to sponsor the Environment Initiative Seed Funding Program, which consists of 2 award mechanisms: Research Awards and Curriculum Awards. Awards made through this program will align with and advance the goals of the Environment Initiative. Final funding decisions and financial support will be managed separately—Research Awards are funded by OVPRI and selected by the VPRI; Curriculum Awards are funded by EI and final decisions will be made by the EI Executive Director.

Research Awards

Research Awards are designed to support the development of new collaborations and/or pilot work that leads to the submission of one or more major external proposals. Partnerships between natural scientists and social science, humanities scholars, and/or faculty from the professional schools are preferred, although all types of collaboration across disciplines will be considered. Partnerships should emerge from shared research interests and a problem-centered approach and represent new research directions for the team members. The program requires that during the course of the funding period the team submits one or more major proposal for extramural funding for a significant research award that involves multiple faculty investigators.

Curriculum Awards

Curricular proposals related to the Environment Initiative will be most successful when they (1) build from and advance the EI Guiding Principles, (2) connect directly with one or more Nodes, and (3) recognize that the 2021-22 Curriculum Proposal process represents the first step in enhancing our environment related academic and experiential offerings. Proposals for new courses, experiential learning opportunities, or degree programs should:

  • Reflect curricular innovation that relates to the Environment Initiative and promotes learning for a just and livable future;
  • Align with and reflect the Guiding Principles in one or more ways;
  • Relate to one or more nodes;
  • Are inter- or transdisciplinary; and/or
  • Are focused on problem-centered methodologies and research models;
  • Articulate student-centered outcomes that relate to future professional work.

AY 2021-22 Deadlines

  • Notice of Intent to Submit Deadline: February 15, 2022
  • Deadline change - Extended Application Deadline: March 28, 2022

Application Content and Details

Awards made through this program will align with and advance the goals of the Environment Initiative. Please review the Environment Initiative guiding principles and nodes which are central to the work of the initiative and should inform your approach to either research or curriculum development. Successful proposals are not expected to address all priorities and/or nodes.

Please dowload and carefully review the respective requests for proposals (RFP) for full details regarding: eligibility, budget and use of funds, application components, review process and criteria, and reporting requirements.

Questions about the Environment Initiative Seed Funding program or submission process may be directed to Research Development Services, rds@uoregon.edu.