Visualization And Graphic Design

Graphics and Visualization of Science - A picture is worth a thousand words

topology of red blood cell



Red Blood Cell Topography -
image courtesy of National Science Foundation 


A picture really is worth a thousand words in today’s funding environment where you must communicate complex ideas within tight page limitations. Research Development Services offers assistance to PIs who seek visualization services that will enhance their proposals for external funding.  These services include consultation on conceptual approaches and illustration, animation, and graphic design.  Depending on the project, we can contract with local resources or with nationally known scientific illustrators and animators.

Generally, RDS funds one half of the cost of consultation, and graphic design, animation, or illustration services for proposals that involve multiple investigators, which have strategic significance to research at the University, or which involve an especially important opportunity for an individual PI.  Significant lead time is required in order for us to make the best use of resources.

Please contact Research Development Services ( to discuss your project.