Undergraduate Research Leaders

Undergraduate Research Leaders (URLs) are key members of the UROP team and serve as advocates for undergraduate research and creative scholarship at the University of Oregon. 

URLs are also available to advise students about getting involved in research and navigating the resources available to students on campus. 

Read the URL profiles and click “Schedule and Advising Appointment” to get in contact. 

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Mikala Capage

Mikala Capage

Major: Biology          Academic Year: Junior          Faculty Mentor: David Garcia

How would you describe your research to friends that are not in your field?

I do research in the biological sciences and the social sciences, working with two different professors on exciting projects. In the Garcia Lab, I am using a yeast model to determine how misfolded proteins (called prions) inherit through meiosis by tracking distinct patterns of growth that emerge when the cells are grown under adverse environment conditions. With Dr. Graboyes, I am currently working as part of a team on a literature review project to quantify and describe instances of resurgent malaria around the world in the last 60 years.

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Cailan Feingold

Cailan Feingold

Major: Biology          Academic Year: Junior          Faculty Mentor: Diana Libuda

How would you describe your research to friends that are not in your field?

I research the biological processes of meiosis and reproduction in the Libuda Lab. Specifically, the differences in the development of sperm versus eggs. My research pertains mainly to male infertility caused by heat.

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Nora Kearns

Nora Kearns

Major: Human Physiology          Academic Year: Junior          Faculty Mentor: Calin Plesa

How would you describe your research to friends that are not in your field?

I work in two very different but equally exciting labs! I am a research assistant for Elinor Sullivan in her HPHY Behavioral Neuroscience lab. Elinor is the PI on the Prenatal Environment and Child Health study, which is looking at how such factors as metabolic state and inflammation in the in-uterine milieu influences child development.

I am also completing a Knight Undergraduate Scholarship with Calin Plesa in his bioengineering lab. My project is repurposing the minimal replication system of a bacteriophage as a tool for bioengineering. It’s been a super steep learning curve but I’m really enjoying it!

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About Undergraduate Research Leaders


  • Act as advocates for undergraduate research at the University of Oregon as well as UROP’s programs, services, and resources
  • Act as a peer mentor to undergraduate students interested in research
  • Attend monthly meetings with UROP staff
  • Act as evaluators for the spring UROP Mini-grant funding cycle
  • Give presentations at information sessions as well as by request from student groups, programs, and classes
  • Serve as volunteers at the Undergraduate Research Symposium


  • Opportunity to positively impact the educational experience of your peers.
  • Learn how to coordinate a Mini-grant program (spring term) and evaluate research proposals. 
  • Outreach and leadership experience.
  • Engage in professional development workshops hosted by UROP staff.
  • Practice your public speaking by promoting undergraduate research to student groups.
  • Leadership experience for  your résumé and the opportunity for an excellent letter of recommendation.
  • Network with students, faculty, and staff on campus.


  • Current University of Oregon student.
  • Equivalent of one academic year of research experience (3 quarters) OR a full-time summer research experience.
  • Presented at the Undergraduate Research Symposium or other academic conference.

Apply to be an Undergraduate Research Leader.

  • Submit a résumé and cover letter that describes your interest and qualifications to urop@uoregon.edu
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
  • For more information contact Karl Reasoner at urop@uoregon.edu or 541-346-8520.