Clusters of Excellence

The Clusters of Excellence program is designed to bring the best and brightest minds in select fields to the University of Oregon to join in efforts to address some of today’s most significant challenges. The intent is to attract small groups of scholars (approximately 2-5) who will add depth and expertise in specific areas and who will connect nationally prominent academic departments to address national needs.

Clusters of Excellence Program Objectives

  • Encourage and foster cooperation within an already strong faculty and staff.
  • Advance research and creative capacity and enable collaborative opportunities that deepen existing expertise and create new links among them to enhance UO's national profile.
  • Enable the campus to devote a critical mass of faculty to knowledge areas that are not solely addressed through existing structures.
  • Strengthen existing curricular offerings on the undergraduate and graduate levels, and create opportunities for new ones.
  • Advance the impact of the University of Oregon's programs by addressing society's needs.
  • Assist in the fulfillment of other missions of the university, in particular advancing innovation and engagement with our communities, and increasing campus diversity and inclusion.

Clusters of Excellence

Neurons to Minds     Energy and Sustainable Materials    Volcanology

Health Promotion Initiative   Center for Genome Function