Sneak peak of new IACUC tool

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) has kicked off a project to implement a new tool to support the institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) and animal research community in late summer 2022.

The new IACUC tool is part of the phased implementation of the Research Administration Portal (RAP), a suite of integrated tools that will support researchers and staff as they work through compliance and administration activities. In a world where compliance is becoming increasingly complex, this system will integrate information and ease the burden on investigators. 

Below are some screenshots from the new tool with a description of what you can expect when engaging with this new system early next year.

The Dashboard

iacuc module dashboard
When you first log into the IACUC tool, you'll arrive at the Dashboard. The Dashboard is personalized to each user showing you which items need your attention. For example, if you are working on a new IACUC protocol and haven't submitted it to the IACUC for review, you'll find that protocol on your Dashboard waiting for you to pick it up where you left off. The Dashboard is similar to your email inbox.


Creating a new protocol

iacuc module protocol form
To create a new protocol in the IACUC tool, you'll complete a series of forms. You can use the left navigation menu to jump from page to page or use the "Continue" button at the bottom to move through the pages in order. Each time you move to a new page, information on the previous page is automatically saved.


Protocol in review

iacuc module protocol in review
Once a protocol is submitted to the IACUC for review, it will disappear from your Dashboard. To see where your protocol is in the review process, navigate to the "IACUC" tab and click on the "In-Review" tab. Here you will see a list of protocols you've submitted and where they are in the review process. You can also click on the name of your protocol to open the protocol workspace.


The protocol workspace

iacuc module protocol workspace
Once you've created your protocol, a protocol workspace will be created. The protocol workspace is where you can:
-Find important information about your protocol (e.g., the approval and expiration dates)
-See where your protocol is at in the review process (via the workflow diagram on the page)
-Edit your protocol (if it's in an editable state)
-View your approved protocol
-Create and submit amendments and annual or triennial reviews for approved protocols
-Initiate other protocol related activities, such as assigning a PI proxy 


For more information about this initiative or if you have questions, email