Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) was initiated in December of 2012. The then 17-member board was charged with providing faculty advice and recommendations to the vice president for research and innovation (VPRI) on matters pertaining to the development of the University of Oregon as a center for research and innovation excellence. From 2015 to 2018, the RAB was reformulated to report to the Provost’s office and enlarged to 18 members but now reports directly back to the VPRI. 


The RAB membership is on a one-year basis to create a steady rotation. The board meets almost monthly throughout the academic year. UO faculty members engaged in research may indicate their interest in participating on the board by emailing the VPRI at


To submit research-related comments, questions or concerns to the RAB, contact Khaila Carlstrom at


List of Current Research Advisory Board Members