April 2021 Award Report

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April 2021 New Awards*

Last Name First Name Source Project Budget
Biancarosa Gina Emberex Creating a Data-Based Decision-Making and Recommendation Tool for Reading Comprehension Instruction Using Diagnostic Results from MOCCA $52,882
Boehm Andrew Oregon Department of Transportation OR31 Culvert Repairs MP69.4-74.61Project, (ODOT Key M20015) $6,474
Bohannan Brendan Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology Senior Fellow: Microbiome mediated responses of ecosystems to anthropogenic change $45,100
Bruce Josh Oregon Emergency Management Oregon Resilience Collaboratives Network (ORCNet) Phase I $15,000
Brundan Jon National Science Foundation Graphical and categorical methods in representation theory. $260,633
Cina Jeffrey National Science Foundation Quantum dynamical studies of time-resolved nonlinear optical signals from spatially oriented electronic energy transfer complexes $450,000
Condon David Schmidt Futures Concept Paper: The International Cognitive Ability Resource for large scale international mobile applications $96,866
Connolly Thomas Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Oregon State Capitol Inadvertent Discovery: Proposal for Archaeological Assessment $8,356
Connolly Thomas Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Cascadia State Park Transfer Cultural Resources Survey $12,781
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Transportation OR34: Van Buren Bridge Data Recovery Plan Development $14,599
Connolly Thomas Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Archaeological Investigation at Site 35MA202, the Silver Creek Falls CCC Camp at Silver Creek Falls State Park $79,132
Dufek Josef Florida Institute of Technology CAREER: Atmospheric Electricity on Earth and Mars $27,300
Eischen Ellen National Security Agency (NSA) Research Innovations and Diverse Collaborations: A Pair of Workshops in Algebraic Number Theory $25,000
Farr Ben M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Finding Gravitational Wave Needles in a Noisy Haystack (Full of Pins) $19,000
Fisher Philip The Primary School FIND-The Primary School $4,000
Fisher Philip People's Community Clinic FIND PCC Renewal $147,559
Fisher Philip Heising-Simons Foundation RAPID-EC (Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development - Early Childhood) 2021 H-S $700,000
Fox Brian Lane Community College LCC Track COVID Testing $2,521
Gasparini Chiara American Council of Learned Societies Across the Tuyuhun-Tubo Kingdom.Visualizing Material Culture from Dunhuang to Sichuan between the 6th and 9th centuries. $50,000
Howard Michael Oregon Emergency Management Lane County Hazard Mitigation Implementation Strategy (DR4452) $70,530
Howell Amanda Fehr & Peers Dynamic Curbside Management: Keeping Pace with New and Emerging Mobility and Technology in the Public Right of Way. $46,475
Huber-Stearns Heidi Oregon State University Advancing Rural Prosperity and Equity Through the New Forest Economy $43,536
Idemaru Kaori Hakuhodo Foundation Acoustic factors predicting foreign accent in second language Japanese and its social and affective consequences $19,950
Jiao Lei National Science Foundation CAREER: Orchestrating Edge Infrastructures and Mobile Devices under Uncertainty to Provision Edge AI as a Service $109,069
Jing-Schmidt Zhuo Institute of International Education (IIE) Oregon Chinese Flagship Program 2020-2024 Student Support Scholarships $419,672
Kauffman Craig Rockefeller Brothers Fund The Eco-Jurisprudence Monitor: An Interactive Online Tool for Converting Data into Action $100,000
Kennedy Jaime Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Fern Ridge Wildlife Area Infrastructure Archaeological Baseline Survey $73,649
Kleshchev Alexander National Science Foundation Modular Representation Theory and Categorification with Applications $270,540
Le Bleu Heather National Institutes of Health (NIH) Ion signaling and cell state transitions for organ size control of regenerating zebrafish fins[NRSA F31 Pre-doc] $44,130
Liebowitz David American Institutes for Research Continuous Improvement in Schools Evaluation of the Networks for School Improvement (Gates NSI) $147,638
Lucash Melissa University of Colorado-Denver Spatial patterning and carbon vulnerability: Does the spatial arrangement of forest management increase susceptibility to climate change and ecosystem disturbances? $189,583
Mauricio Anne Arizona State University Developing Positive Family Support for Students Exposed to Trauma $20,895
McMorran Ben National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Engineering, imaging and control of three-dimensional topological magnetic materials $458,098
Niell Cristopher Office of Naval Research Computational architecture of the octopus visual system[ONR] $220,000
OGrady Pat Oregon Department of Transportation OR205: Junction Steens Mt. Highway - Roaring Springs $33,761
Pfeifer Jennifer National Institutes of Health (NIH) R56 - Social connection and mental health in girls: A prospective longitudinal study across adolescence $728,340
Ruiz Chris City of Eugene Eugene LGBTQ Historic Context $4,862
Saltzman Riki National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) To support the Oregon Folklife Network's documentation of traditional arts and culture in southwest Oregon's inland counties. $30,000
Schlossberg Marc University of Oregon Foundation Bicycle Transportation Study Abroad Program - Scan Design(Summer 2023 and 2025) $124,757
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Genesis Air, Inc. Onsite: Indoor Air Quality Assessment of PhotoCatalytic Oxidation (PCO) $98,520
Wallace Paul National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Volatile sources, eruption triggers,and magma ascent rates for mafic alkaline magmas at Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes, DR Congo, East African Rift $227,229
Williams Chuck Onward Eugene Investing in economic development capacity to aid in recovery and future regional resilience, through programs that focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the creation of high wage jobs [Re-submission of Onward Eugene Subaward to UO (EDA)] $224,357
Wolf Kelly State of Oregon GEER Student Support[GEER Funding: CARES Act] $277,483

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.