Industry, Innovation, and Translation

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The Industry, Innovation, and Translation (IIT) team serves as the engine for transforming UO research and innovations into products and services to improve the world. We build relationships with companies, investors, and the ecosystem to maximize the impact of UO research through commercialization.

Industry, Innovation, and Translation

Our Services

  • Identify innovations with commercial merit and support faculty and graduate students with product development from early ideation to market launch, whether through startup formation or partnering with an existing company.
  • Manage the Translational Opportunity Fund to provide funding innovation development to reach commercially relevant milestones.
  • Design and implement scalable programs in collaboration with our sister organization, Launch Oregon, to educate prospective entrepreneurs and build a robust pipeline of UO startups that have the skills, knowledge, and support network required to make them viable enterprises in the long-term.
  • Serve as the connection between the private sector and UO’s research enterprise, building relationships to:
    • expand collaborative research and develop consortia for joint funding opportunities,
    • promote commercialization of UO intellectual property, and
    • provide experiential learning opportunities for UO students.
  • Protect intellectual property developed by all UO employees, including patents, copyrights, and trademarks.
  • Manage all contracting between UO and the private sector pertaining to innovation, including option agreements, license agreements, nondisclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, and data use agreements.

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