December 2020 Awards Report

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December 2020 New Awards

Last Name First Name Source Project Total Budget
Arroyo John University of Oregon Foundation Pacific Northwest Just Futures Institute for Racial and Climate Justice $4,520,000
Barkan Alice National Science Foundation Mechanisms of light regulated translation in chloroplasts[Budget Revision] $400,000
Bruce Josh Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc. ETO Solar + Microgrid Feasibility $85,000
Cohen Shaul Andrew W. Mellon Foundation UO Prison Education Program Mellon Foundation $481,000
Connolly Thomas Hills of Depoe Bay Development Archaeological Investigation of the Proposed Depoe Hills Development, Lincoln County, Oregon $61,327
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Transportation OR140 @ OR66 Interchange Improvements, Klamath County $15,471
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Transportation US101: Parkview Drive â€" Lucky Lane (Brookings) Project, Curry County $12,410
Corwin Eric University of Oregon Foundation Extreme Diffusion $1,000,000
DeVigal Andrew University of Oregon Foundation Gather 2.0 (Democracy Fund) $150,000
DuBois Zachary Michigan State University Measure Development to Advance the Scientific Study of Minority Stress in Transgender Individuals $38,972
Endzweig Pamela National Film Preservation Foundation Luther Cressman Archaeological Fieldwork Film Preservation $18,640
Fisher Philip Youth Law Center Youth Law Center $25,000
Fisher Philip Children's Home Society of Washington Editor Consultant Training $2,358
Gallo John Association for Positive Behavior Support APBS: Unique contributions of school climate, support, and teacher bias in the implementation of positive support practices for LGBTQ youth $1,300
Gotschi Thomas World Health Organization (WHO) WHO - Contract for services of Thomas Gotschi $9,900
Guillemin Karen University of Oregon Foundation High Throughput Cell Characterization Using Next Generation Sequencing $558,500
Halliwill John Amp Human Effectiveness of transcutaneous delivery by proprietary cream for human performance (Phase 1) $48,429
Keiski Sarah Law School Admission Council Law School Admissions Council PLUS grant $66,500
Keller Vera John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Curating the German Enlightenment: Johann Daniel Major (1634-1693) and the Experimental Century $50,000
Kennedy Jaime Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Ben and Kay Dorris State Park Cultural Resource Survey $10,818
Kuhl Brice National Institutes of Health (NIH) Neural mechanisms for reducing interference during episodic memory formation $485,965
Langworthy Kurt Battelle Memorial Institute PNNL Staff member, Bruce Arey, use of the xenon plasma focus ion beam microscope at the Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR) Mod 02 $3,656
Larco Nico RAND Corporation Older adults, new mobility and automated vehicles: A concept paper $25,000
Lewis Rebecca Portland State University SCC RAPID: Consumer Responses to Household Provisioning During COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery $16,886
Lucash Melissa National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Regional impacts of increasing fire frequency on carbon dynamics and species composition in the boreal forest[Transfer NSF ID 1737706] $174,020
Mace Trish Youth Outside Exploring our Coast: Marine Science and Native Cultures $22,500
Magoto Jeff Institute of International Education (IIE) IIE 2020 Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Summer Orientation $22,321
Marchetta Jon Oregon Department of Education Vivian Olum Child Care Development Center Emergency Child Care Operating Costs ECC4 $17,000
Marchetta Jon Oregon Department of Education Vivian Olum Child Care Development Center Emergency Child Care Operating Costs $8,515
Melgar Moctezuma Diego U.S. Geological Survey Regional Automated Final Fault Inversion of Seismic and Geodetic Data: Towards 10-minute solutions $82,327
Muruthi Bertranna Lane Education Service District Project to support Lane ESD's Lane African American Black Student Success Program (LAABSS) $14,793
Niell Cristopher University of California, San Diego Spatial exploration and navigation in the primate hippocampus. [R01 -Subaward - UCSD] $81,969
Peters Ellen USAFacts Improving Graph Comprehension (USA Facts) $102,836
Ponisio Lauren U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Identifying Barriers And Incentives To Adopting Bee-Friendly Management Practices On Pollinator-Dependent FarmsNIFA 2019-67012-29664 8/1/20 - 7/31/21 Jennie Durant Fellowship Transfer UCR $94,464
Postlethwait John National Institutes of Health (NIH) Mechanisms of Sex Determination in Zebrafish[MIRA R35] $383,410
Potter Lawanda Head Start of Lane County Head Start Reimbursement for Early Childhood CARES Services FY21 $20,000
Schlossberg Marc Portland State University NITC 2016 Round 4 Travel FundingAnne Browne ( travel for Grant 2454G0) $3,000
Shende Sameer U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ECP Supercontainers $276,267
Streisfeld Matt National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Processes and Consequences of Somatic Mutation Accumulation in Plants $439,689
Tomlinson Titus Oregon Food Bank RARE 2020-21 Community: Rogue Valley Food System Network (Oregon Food Bank is 3rd party payor) $23,500
Tomlinson Titus Oregon Commission of Voluntary Action and Service RARE AmeriCorps 2020-21 Service Year $0
Tomlinson Titus Oregon Commission of Voluntary Action and Service RARE AmeriCorps 2020-21 Service Year $435,934
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Oregon Health and Science University OHSU: Piloting Real-time Environmental Monitoring and Identification of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in the Hospital Built Environment $23,328
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Clanton & Associates DOD/NIBS/Clanton UV Disinfection Literature Review $25,000
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Nike, Inc. Nike Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Standards Update $48,729
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Oregon State University TDI The impact of species, coatings, and RH on microbial community structure within mass timber products $67,668
Woodward Laurie Oregon Department of Education UO Moss St. Children's Center: Emergency Childcare Grant Phase Four $17,000