February 2020 Awards Report

During the month of February 2020, faculty and staff at the University of Oregon received 37 awards totaling more than $3.1 million in support of research activities.*

For more information about awards to the UO, please see our monthly award reports.

February 2020 New Awards

Last Name First Name Project Department Source Length of Award (years) Total Budget
Allen Nick Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) Mobile Sensing Pilot Study 223520 CAS Psychology - Psychology, Dept. of National Institutes of Health (NIH)(University of California, San Diego) 1 $10,002
Baese-Berk Melissa Doctoral Dissertation Research: Production and perception of native and non-native speech enhancement 222565 CAS Linguistics Operations National Science Foundation 2 $10,303
Connolly Thomas Central Electric Cooperative 2020 Pole Replacement Project 266600 Museum of Natural and Cultural History Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. 1 $18,000
Craig Ann Oregon's Civil Rights Years: The Eugene Story 266600 MNCH Operations Oregon Cultural Trust(University of Oregon Foundation) 1 $18,299
Dahmen Nicole Catalyst Journalism Project 227000 Journalism and Communication, School of Solutions Journalism Network, Inc. 2 $165,000
DuBrow Sarah Quantifying the latent-cause inference process in humans 223520 CAS Psychology National Institutes of Health (NIH)(Princeton University) 2 $72,956
Dufek Josef Collaborative Research: Integrating Petrochronology, Magma Dynamics, and Volcanic Unrest at the Three Sisters Volcanic Complex 223470 CAS Earth Sciences, Department of (formerly Geological Science) National Science Foundation 3 $338,403
Fisher Philip 1/4 Investigation of opioid exposure and neurodevelopment (iOPEN) 223527 CAS Psychology - Translational Science, Center for National Institutes of Health (NIH)(Oregon Health and Science University) 2 $12,549
Gardner Tim Single neuron mechanisms of sensory-motor learning[Grant Transfer] 110400 Knight Campus National Institutes of Health (NIH) 1 $65,440
Gillis Brian POWER 221525 DSGN Art, Department of The Ford Family Foundation 1 $15,000
Goodman Bryna Finance and Fortune: Economics, Individual Calculation, and the Fate of the Chinese Republic 223800 College of Arts and Science Dean's Office National Humanities Center 1 $56,500
Guldberg Bob Cost Share for ReMDO Grant - Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC). 110400 Knight Campus Business Oregon 2 $600,000
Holzapfel Christina Evolution of non-biting in mosuito disease vectors 631900 Rsch Inst Ecology & Evolution National Institutes of Health (NIH)(Georgetown University) 1 $37,287
Hooft Toomey Emilie Collaborative research: Cascadia2020: Investigating subduction zone segmentation with a 3D high-resolution Vp model 223470 CAS Earth Sciences Operations National Science Foundation 3 $278,013
Huber-Stearns Heidi A Retrospective Evaluation of Capacity Investments 630700 Sustainable Environment, Institute for a Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board(Oregon State University) 1 $41,326
Huter Steve Convergence Accelerator Phase I (RAISE): Knowledge of Internet Structure: Measurement, Epistemology, and Technology (KISMET) 251115 Lib Network Startup Resource Ctr National Science Foundation(University of California, San Diego) 1 $143,052
Jayne Melodi Purchase of lab equipment time and training laboratory instrument time needed to support polymer research for the Natural Gas Infrastructure composite barrier material development effort [PO# 89243320PFE000259] 611116 Research Core Business Services U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 1 $9,417
Ko Yekang Intra-Urban Variability in Black Carbon Desposition: Rates, Pathways, and Determinants 630700 Rsch ISE Inst Sustainable Environmt National Science Foundation (University of North Texas) 1 $11,462
Larco Nico The NEXUS: Navigating Emerging technologies in Urban Spaces 631511 DSGN Sustainable Cities Init Ops New Urban Mobility Alliance(World Resource Institute) 1 $296,000
Majewski Stephanie Global Hadronic Triggering R&D for HL-LHC (Dudley) 632800 Rsch Inst. For Fundemental Science National Science Foundation (Stony Brook University) 1 $21,609
Malony Allen Understanding Behavior in Composed Services 641240 Oregon Advanced Computing Institute for Science & Society U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 1 $90,538
Noma Ken-ichi 3D Genomic Basis of Cellular Senescence[Subaward Transfer from The University of Pennsylvania] 630600 Rsch Inst of Molecular Biology National Institutes of Health (NIH)(University of Pennsylvania, Trustees of the) 1 $146,988
Raiskin Judith Support for The Eugene Lesbian Oral History Project 222590 CAS Women's Studies Operations Oregon Cultural Trust(University of Oregon Foundation) 1 $22,057
Rubin Ed TWEEDS: The Workshop in Environmental Economics and Data Science 222530 Economics, Department of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2 $30,000
Ruiz Chris Archaeological Study for the South Bank Shared Use Path Project, City of Eugene. 266600 MNCH Operations City of Eugene 1 $21,096
Saltzman Riki Oregon Folklife Network â€" Southwest Oregon Survey and Public Folklore Mentorship 266600 Museum of Natural and Cultural History National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) 1 $35,000
Schlossberg Marc NITC Travel Award for Green Waves 631512 Sustainable Cities Initiative U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)(Portland State University) 2 $3,000
Smith Brian W911NF-17-S-0002: 22nd Annual SQuInT Workshop 631400 Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular, and Quantum Science U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) 1 $20,000
Smith Jarrod “The role of microbial second messenger synthesis in intestinal homeostasis” [NRSA Postdoc Fellowship (Parent F32 - re-submisison) 630600 Molecular Biology, Institute of National Institutes of Health (NIH) 3 $197,682
Smith Hollie USGS Earthquake Science Center IPA - ShakeAlert Joint Committee for Communication, Education, and Outreach 227000 Journalism and Communication, School of U.S. Geological Survey 1 $60,873
Sokolowski Susan Advancing the Awareness of Cotton in Sports Product Design[Year 2] 221575 DSGN Product Design Cotton Incorporated 1 $30,500
Squires Jane Oregon Screening Project 2019-2020 226620 Ed DESTNY Disability, EI, SSET Oregon Department of Education 1 $47,119
Stormshak Beth Long-term Effects of the Family Check-up on Depression and Suicide Across Trials and Development 632501 Prevention Sci Inst Operations National Institutes of Health (NIH)(Case Western Reserve University) 3 $59,553
Sylwestrak Emily Functional Organization of Habenula Circuits Driving Motivated Behavior[BBRF - NARSAD pending Grant Transfer to UO] 631200 Neuroscience, Institute of Brain and Behavior Research Foundation 2 $62,213
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Lutron: Role of Lighting in Higher Education 221517 DSGN Energy Studies Building Lab Lutron Electronics Co., Inc 1 $10,000
Weber John Ford Family Foundation Visual Arts support 530000 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art The Ford Family Foundation 1 $7,000
Weise Julie Nuestro South 222555 History, Department of Whiting Foundation 1 $50,000

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.