July 2021 Award Report

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July 2021 New Awards*

Last Name First Name Source Project Budget
Alverson Charlotte Oregon Department of Human Services Oregon Youth Transition Program 2021-2023 Amendment $742,109.00
Baese-Berk Melissa National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: A longitudinal approach to examining perception-production links in second language speech sound learning. $133,166.00
Baese-Berk Melissa James S. McDonnell Foundation Context-specific speech perception and barriers to successful communication between healthcare providers and aging patients $250,000.00
Banks Megan State of Oregon City of Talent SCYP interviews (Part 1) $1,980.00
Banks Megan State of Oregon City of Talent SCYP interviews (Part 2) $1,650.00
Barker Tyson Robin Hood Foundation FUEL 1.5 Technical Assistance $550,000.00
Boettcher Shannon National Science Foundation MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer for Quantitative Elemental Analysis of Natural and Engineered Materials $122,856.00
Brozek Carl National Science Foundation Synthetic Control over MOF Particle Growth and Surface Chemistry $450,000.00
Bruce Josh City of Dallas, OR Dallas Business Inventory $19,500.00
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Transportation Chiloquin Maintenance Station - Generator Installation Project, Klamath County $6,667.00
Connolly Thomas Central Electric Cooperative, Inc. Central Electric Cooperative Camp Sherman Substation Monitoring $6,500.00
Craig Ann State Library of Oregon Museum Adventures: Increasing Family Learning in Rural Oregon $97,144.00
de Lorenzo David University of Oregon Foundation Graduate Students As Curators: Medieval And Renaissance Manuscript Acquisition Fellowship $9,000.00
Donley Kevin American Educational Research Association (AERA) Enacting Translanguaging as a Critical Literacy Pedagogy in Elementary Dual-Language Immersion Education $4,675.00
Dugger Daniel National Science Foundation RTG:Combinatorics, Geometry, Representation Theory, and Topology at University of Oregon $1,565,853.00
Eisen Judith National Institutes of Health (NIH) Decoding neural cell fate diversity [R21] $405,625.00
Fernandez Lara Springfield School District 19 SAIL mentor program grants: Springfield SD - Academic year $30,000.00
Fernandez Lara Springfield School District 19 SAIL mentor program grants: Springfield SD - Summer (like E-PCS record 30675) $37,500.00
Fisher Philip Imaginable Futures RAPID-EC (Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development - Early Childhood) 2021 Imaginable Futures $205,500.00
Garcia David National Institutes of Health (NIH) Prion-based regulation of RNA modifying enzyme activities[PAR-20-117 MIRA - R35] $368,750.00
Golden Nancy Redmond School District Redmond School District Vision and Mission Statement $9,998.00
Grimes Daniel National Institutes of Health (NIH) Cell-cell Communication Mediated by Fluid Flows[PAR-20-117 MIRA - R35] $365,387.00
Hartlerode Emily State Library of Oregon Equitable Access to Oregon Culture $49,912.00
Howard Michael Lane County Emergency Management Lane County Hazard Evacuation (cash match to FEMA HMGP-DR-4432-18-OR; UO grant 2421G0) $25,000.00
Kwok Alison California School Facilities Research Institute CSFRI: Impact of School Facilities on Student Engagement and Learning $0.00
Linville-Knobelspiesse D A Home Within Evaluation of A Home Within $103,088.00
Linville-Knobelspiesse D A Home Within A Home Within 2.0 $50,965.00
Luna-Arvizu Gabriel Howard Hughes Medical Institute How cells communicate through fluid flow signals $50,000.00
Madison Ed Oregon Department of Corrections Updating the Oregon Department of Correction’s Prison RapeElimination Act (PREA) InformationalVideo for the 21st Century $19,724.00
Marchetta Jon Oregon Department of Education Vivian Olum Child Care Development Center Emergency Child Care Operating Costs Phase 5 $17,219.00
Paulose Jayson National Science Foundation Metamaterial design platform and dynamic building blocks for non-equilibrium, symmetry-violating manipulation of mechanical waves $646,563.00
Phillips N National Science Foundation NSF-BSF: Dynamics and operator algebras beyond the Elliott classification program $279,210.00
Rawlins Jim University of Oregon Foundation IME- Becas Scholarships 21-22 $10,000.00
Schlossberg Marc Portland State University NITC UO Executive Committee Member (year 10) $25,000.00
Smith Brian National Science Foundation QuIC-TAQS: Implementation of a Neutral-Atom-Photonic-Cluster State $748,698.00
Toomey Douglas Rogue Valley Council of Governments RVCOG ALERTWildfire: Phase 1, Revised $35,500.00
Townsend Meredith National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Investigating the role of topography and magma properties on dike pathways beneath stratovolcanoes using field data, analogue experiments, and modeling $308,426.00
Werdebaugh Kate Peace Corps Professional Campus Recruitment Services $58,741.00
Widom Julia American Heart Association Structure and Dynamics of Heart-Specific Long Noncoding RNAs Linked to Disease $231,000.00
Woodward Laurie Oregon Department of Education Moss Street Children's Center: Emergency Child Care Operating Costs Phase 5 $6,543.00

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.