Project Management to Accelerate Your Impact

Project Rules Agreements (PRAs) clarify project members' rights and obligations at the beginning of a project. The agreements help take care of legal conversations so that you can focus on refining your innovation and optimizing its impact. 

We work with you to custom craft a PRA for your specific context.

Our Echelon: PI platform coordinates the project team, streamlines intellectual property (IP) agreements and future licensing decisions, and facilitates digital signatures. If you're new to Echelon: PI, download our PDF tutorials.  

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Educate and Organize Your Team with Project Rules Agreements (PRAs)                                            

  • Help project team members understand the scope of their participation, their rights and obligations, and the value of the project upfront.
  • Foster collaborative, multi-lab, inter-institutional, and/or industry relationships that stand on solid legal footings.
  • Provide students and post docs with professional experiences via real-world project participation that sets them up for future career success.
  • Use the Echelon: PI platform to give team members an easy method to view and digitally sign the Project Rules that govern your project.

Simplify Asset-Sharing and Management with Echelon: PI

  • Create a consistent system for bringing work into the project to save time and avoid potential misunderstandings among project participants.
  • Enable project members to quickly and securely share new research and assets with the team.
  • Document specific project contributions from each team member and ensure future equity.
  • Submit external assets for review so the PI and/or IIT can assess and procure usage rights when needed to avoid future IP complications.
  • Use the Inventory Worksheet to identify assets created.

Accelerate the Impact of your Innovation

  • Avoid downstream ownership, IP, and licensing issues by proactively addressing team members' questions and decide on which asset to include in real time.
  • Speed up implementation by applying IP best practices throughout the project.
  • Maximize potential market penetration, licensing revenue, and social impact by mitigating IP ownership and revenue-sharing disagreements.
  • Create consistent but light touchpoints with IIT to keep the project on target and ensure all IP obligations to sponsors are met.

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Learn More About Project Rules Agreements and How to Use Echelon: PI

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