March 2021 Award Report

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March 2021 New Awards*

Last Name First Name Source Project Budget
Abia-Smith Lisa Kennedy Center, Washington, DC JSMA Museum Access for Kids $5,317.00
Allen Nick Google VICO: Android Digital Wellbeing Study $300,000.00
Ambati Bala National Institutes of Health (NIH) Neurovascular cross-talk, functions and sources of soluble VEGF receptors in ocular vascular demarcation[Grant Transfer, 5R01EY017950 - 13, (Loma Linda University) $330,393.00
Barkan Alice National Science Foundation PlantSynBio: Regulatory Systems to Tune Gene Expression in Synthetic Chloroplast Operons $999,220.00
Bearce Beth National Institutes of Health (NIH) Interrogating the function of motile ciliated cells in spinal curvature using a zebrafish model of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis[Bearce NRSA F-32 postdoc] $65,994.00
Boehm Andrew Oregon Department of Transportation Old Hwy 99N: Oakland Bridge Monitoring, Douglas County (ODOT Key No. 21591) $13,615.00
Dufek Josef Michigan Technological University Tracking volcanic volatiles from magma reservoir to the atmosphere: identifying precursors, assessing hazards, and optimizing satellite observations $129,960.00
Farr Ben M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Finding Gravitational Wave Needles in a Noisy Haystack (Full of Pins) $19,000.00
Farr Ben M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Finding Gravitational Wave Needles in a Noisy Haystack (Full of Pins) $19,000.00
Fisher Philip Center for the Study of Social Policy Pediatric Supporting Parents proposal support $75,000.00
Fisher Philip People's Community Clinic FIND PCC Renewal $147,559.00
Fisher Philip Robin Hood Foundation FIND-NYCMC $288,000.00
Fisher Philip Heising-Simons Foundation RAPID-EC (Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development - Early Childhood) 2021 H-S $700,000.00
Gillis Brian The Ford Family Foundation ACCESS exhibition support $5,000.00
Gotschi Thomas World Health Organization (WHO) WHO - Contract for services of Thomas Gotschi $24,750.00
Hallett Lauren National Science Foundation CAREER: Top-down and bottom-up controls on species coexistence in a variable world $349,744.00
Halliwill John National Institutes of Health (NIH) Histamine as a Molecular Transducer of Adaptation to Exercise $433,890.00
Hendon Christopher Research Corporation for Science Advancement Inorganic defects in metal-organic frameworks $100,000.00
Karlstrom Leif National Science Foundation Fluid oscillations in conduit-reservoir systems, very long period seismic signals at Kilauea volcano, and the phenomenology of unsteady magma ascent $286,666.00
Kennedy Jaime Oregon Parks & Recreation Department Silver Falls State Park Beachie Creek 2021 Fire Salvage Project $18,893.00
Kennedy Jaime Oregon Department of Transportation OR126W Veneta-Eugene Project Subsurface Probing, Lane County $56,257.00
Lockery Shawn National Institutes of Health (NIH) Genetic analysis of effort discounting in C. elegans[CEBRA - R21] $216,191.00
McCart Melissa State of Washington Kids Academy: Preparation and Delivery of 18 Virtual Kids Academy Events[Contract with the State of Washington DSHS] $324,500.00
Meacham James University of Wyoming Cartographic support of Wyoming Migration Initiative for Pew “State of Migration Report” $20,000.00
Meacham James University of Wyoming Phase 14: Cartographic Support of Wyoming Migration Initiative Research and Outreach $30,000.00
Niell Cristopher DRVision Technologies LLC Phase II: connectomic analysis tool for dense neuronal circuits $10,000.00
Niell Cristopher University of Texas at Austin Neural circuit computations for visual motion during natural primate behaviorsBRAIN Initiative: Exploratory Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Programs - eTeamBCP [U01] $74,000.00
Perez Gabriella Baez National Science Foundation REU Site: Increasing Native American perspectives in field and experimental linguistics $342,051.00
Sabb Fred Yale University ProNET: Psychosis-Risk Outcomes Network $336,389.00
Saltzman Riki National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) To support the Oregon Folklife Network's documentation of traditional arts and culture in southwest Oregon's inland counties. $30,000.00
Sherbow Tobias National Institutes of Health (NIH) Incorporation of Zinc and Nickel Complexes that Bind H2S and HS in ChemFET Sensing Devices[NRSA F-32 Postdoc] $66,930.00
Tippett Elizabeth Oregon Consumer Justice Research Services Agreement Consumer Justice Initiative (Oct. 2019 through Sept. 2021) $3,000,000.00
Todahl Jeffrey The Ford Family Foundation Supporting the implementation of child abuse prevention strategies in the five rural regions of 90by30 from 2021-2023 $500,000.00
Turnbull Douglas U.S. Geological Survey HiSeq4000 Single End Reads Sequencing lanes 4,889.50 (3 lanes) and library quantification using qPCR/fragment size analysis (35 samples) [PO 140G0321P0058] $4,889.00
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Oregon State University EHCS: Missing links in characterization of viral aerosols and indoor transmission risks $25,000.00
Wallmark Zachary Southern Methodist University An fMRI investigation of common neural correlates of emotional congruence for social and musical stimuli $5,000.00
Wallmark Zachary Southern Methodist University An fMRI investigation of common neural correlates of emotional congruence for social and musical stimuli $10,000.00
Westerfield Monte National Institutes of Health (NIH) ZFIN: The Zebrafish Model Organism Database $2,464,000.00
Xu Alex Vvolt Electrified personal mobility $12,000.00
Zopluoglu Cengiz Duolingo, Inc. Duolingo English Test Proposal $95,158.00

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.