November 2020 Awards Report

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November 2020 New Awards

Last Name First Name Source Project Total Budget
Baese-Berk Melissa New York University How does improved speech perception impact higher-level processing? $38,874
Botvinnik Boris Simons Foundation Geometry and topology of metrics with positive curvature conditions $42,000
Bridgham Scott Institute for Applied Ecology Phase 2 PNW Blue Carbon Working Group Project: Using new greenhouse gas flux and carbon sequestration data to refine blue carbon project feasibility assessments for Pacific Northwest end users interested in blue carbon finance $10,891
Bruce Josh Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc. ETO Solar + Microgrid Hazard Mitigation Research $25,000
Carpenter Justine University of Oregon Foundation Crankstart Re-entry Scholarship Program $120,000
Clark Benjamin Lane County Monitoring Compliance with Social Distancing and Mask Wearing Requirements $17,000
Clark Benjamin Lane County Task Order #7: Policy Lab Capstone project development & LRRC summer work $12,254
Clarke Ben University of Texas at Austin Broadening Participation in Mathematics for English Learners with Mathematics Difficulties: A Multi-Site Impact Study $0
Clarke Ben University of Texas at Austin Broadening Participation in Mathematics for English Learners with Mathematics Difficulties: A Multi-Site Impact Study $175,637
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Transportation OR211 @ Canby Marquam Highway Project, Clackamas County $15,421
Connolly Thomas Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Coyote Creek Northeast Cultural Resources Inventory, Lane County, Oregon $14,318
Duran Lillian University of Minnesota Individual Growth and Development Indicators: Automated Performance Evaluation of Early Language and Literacy in Espanol: IGDI-APEL Espanol $125,934
Fernandez Lara Eugene School District 4J SAIL & 4-J College & Career Readiness $30,000
Fisher Philip Heising-Simons Foundation Communications fund for RAPID project $7,500
Fisher Philip 4 4.0 New Normal Fellows Technical Assistance $4,930
Galvan Dennis Institute of International Education (IIE) Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program and Critical Language Scholarship Program Advisory Workshop $3,409
Gardner Tim Duke University Corticostriatal contributions to motor exploration and reinforcement.[Sponsor required 15% adjustment and reduced award to 3 yrs.] $916,241
Guillemin Karen Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advance Research (CIFAR) program Humans & the Microbiome Karen Guillemin Fellowship $22,500
Hallett Lauren Tulane University Plant-microbe feedbacks and noxious weed invasion: will climate variability enhance spread and dominance? $91,331
Hansen Scott National Science Foundation CAREER: Mechanisms controlling spatial patterning of PIP lipids in eukaryotic cell polarity $393,242
Hartlerode Emily Oregon Arts Commission Oregon Arts Commission Operating Support $3,697
Hendon Christopher Coffee Science Foundation Beyond flavor correlation: causation of qualities in espresso $200,000
Jing-Schmidt Zhuo Institute of International Education (IIE) Chinese Domestic Undergraduate Flagship Program 2020-2024 $308,858
Joye Sol InterMountain Education Service District (IMESD) Intermountain ESD Educational Assistant Micro-PD $30,000
Langworthy Kurt Raytheon PO 4202260604 Raytheon Direct $200,000
Langworthy Kurt Raytheon PO 4202260634 Raytheon Indirect $200,000
Leve Leslie Oregon Social Learning Center Intervening in the Lives of Foster Care Youth: Using Integrative Data Analysis to Examine Crossover and Long-Term Mental Health Benefits of Dual-Focused Caregiverâ€"Youth Preventative Interventions $7,142
Lovering Andrew Research Logistics, LLC. High-resolution metabolomics and proteomics to identify doping biomarkers with rHuEPO or prolyl hydroxylase inhibition at low and high altitudes $595,000
Majewski Stephanie Columbia University Trigger Global Event Processor R&D (Dudley & Tech) $17,138
Mauricio Anne Arizona State University The Family Check-Up for Health: A Family Centered Health Maintenance Approach to Improve Nutrition and Prevent Obesity in Early Childhood $15,285
Parker Robert U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) SparkNW USDA REDA (Renewable Energy Development Assistance) $23,500
Plesa Calin Columbia University Towards Life with a Reduced Protein Alphabet [sub-award from Columbia/NSF] $150,000
Ruiz Chris State of Oregon Oregon State Capitol Accessibility, Maintenance and Safety Project (CAMS) Phase II $17,872
Schlossberg Marc U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Aliza Whalen - Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship $5,000
Schlossberg Marc U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Clare Haley - Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship $5,000
Sutherland Dave National Science Foundation NSF Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment - David Sutherland $176,273
Tavalire Hannah Lane County Lane County Public Health COVID-19 testing QI $4,000
Thornhill Kathryn Cleveland State University PlacePress: A WordPress Plugin for Publishing Location-based Tours and Stories $2,068
Tindal Gerald Virginia Department of Education Virginia Alternate Assessments (by invitation only), Contract #2 $1,600,000
Tomlinson Titus Marion County OR RARE 2020-21 Community: Marion County $23,500
Tomlinson Titus Oregon Food Bank RARE 2020-21 Community: Rural Organizing Project (Oregon Food Bank is 3rd party payor) $23,500
Tomlinson Titus Clackamas County RARE 2020-21 Community: Clackamas County (2nd year) $23,500
Umansky Ilana WestEd Exploring Trends and Heterogeneity in the Timing and Effects of English Learner Reclassification: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (EL-RFEP) $152,643
Umansky Ilana WestEd National Research and Development Center to Improve Education for Secondary English Learner $176,988
Unruh Deanne University of North Carolina National Technical Assistance Center on Transition 2020-2025 $546,335
Van Den Wymelenberg Kevin Lane Community College DOE 2099-1526: Western States Building Energy & Controls Apprenticeship Program $150,000
Weber John Oregon Cultural Trust CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund $26,821
Weber John Oregon Arts Commission FY 21 Operating Support Grant [interim Application] $8,618
Westerfield Monte Harvard University Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) Study #1 [PAPSS1] $150,000
Wilson Wesley U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) A Study of the Modal Competitive Factors Among Truck, Rail, and Barge in Agriculture $79,228