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The University of Oregon is home to world experts in fields ranging from green nanotechnology to education science. Inventors and developers across our campus have created innovative work that is ready to be put to use in research and in the marketplace. We invite investors and industry to work with us in mutually beneficial partnerships to bring UO innovations to the world.

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For businesses and laboratories looking to sponsor research initiatives, we can match your interests with faculty expertise and university resources.

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Utilize UO Resources

Many of the UO’s world class facilities are available for academic researchers and industry partners from throughout the region and across the country. The university provides access to capital-intensive equipment that is run and maintained by experts with extensive experience, as well as assistance utilizing them. In many cases, we can also train partners so they can operate these instruments effectively.

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License Our Innovations

The University of Oregon is committed to socially responsible licensing, including considering provisions that address unmet needs, especially those of neglected patient populations or geographic areas, with particular attention given to improved therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural technologies for the developing world.

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation

The University of Oregon is a growing biotechnology presence that offers access to unparalleled facilities, equipment, and workforce in a highly desirable location.

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Industry, Innovation, and Translation

Industry, Innovation, and Translation (IIT) works with the public, industry and fellow members of the University of Oregon community to foster partnerships which allow UO researchers and innovations to realize a greater impact in the world.

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Partner with the UO

Businesses, industries, and national laboratories looking to partner with the University of Oregon can work with Partnership Services to find mutually-beneficial ways to work together, leveraging resources and creating value.                                                                 

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