Black Lives Matter to Research


Confronting Inequality

"The events of the past few months have vividly shown how racism and inequality remain deeply embedded in our societal institutions. First, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the disproportionate impact of racism and economic disparity on the health of Black people compared with those of us who have privileged access to health care. Then the killing of George Floyd, and many others before him, became a clarion call for all of us to look inward at our own behaviors, biases, and practices that promote inequality ... "

— Cass Moseley, Interim Vice President for Research and Innovation

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A June 10 open forum on confronting systemic racism in research and innovation resulted in an outpouring of ideas and perspectives and revealed a desire for more reflection and self-education. Since then, the OVPRI began curating a list of Black Lives Matter and diversity, equity, and inclusion resources specific to the research community. As the OVPRI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee becomes further established, these resources will continue to grow.



June 13, 2020

NOTE: The following message was sent to the UO research community on June 15

June 9, 2020

OVPRI will be hosting an open forum to discuss how we can eliminate systemic racism in research and innovation