September 2021 Award Report

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September 2021 New Awards*

Name Source Project Budget
Ambati, Bala University of Virginia DICER1 deficiency in aberrant chorioretinal neovascularization $45,884.00
Amstutz, Nina The Getty Getty Residential Grant at Getty Research Institute devoted to the theme of $65,000.00
Bland, Richard U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) Translation from Russian into English of Three Works Related to the Beringian Area. $20,730.00
Bruce, Josh City of Monmouth Monmouth Downtown Improvement Plan $35,000.00
Connolly, Thomas City of Lincoln City Archaeological Proposal for the NE 25th Street Affordable Housing Development, Lincoln City $22,892.00
Connolly, Thomas City of Lincoln City Archaeological Evaluation Proposal for the Former Taft School Property, Lincoln City $22,742.00
Durairajan, Ram National Science Foundation CC* Integration-Large: Bringing Code to Data: A Collaborative Approach to Democratizing Internet Data Science $988,548.00
Duran, Lillian U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Interdisciplinary Diversity Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) $250,000.00
Endzweig, Pamela U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) Documentation and Consultation for Disposition of Ancestral Human Remains Identified After 1990s NAGPRA Compliance, and Human Remains of Uncertain Origin $85,188.00
Faste, Trygve Woodfold Manufacturing Inc. Woodfold Advanced Design Studio $15,000.00
Fisher, Philip U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation RAPID-EC Employer Survey $75,000.00
Galvan, Dennis Oregon Health Authority Oregon Public Health Corps $1,000,000.00
Golden, Nancy Salem Keizer Public Schools Salem-Keizer School District $9,900.00
Hadley, Wendy Rhode Island Hospital Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia as a Predictor of Substance Use among Early Adolescents $83,958.00
Hosseinzadeh, Parisa National Institutes of Health (NIH) A data-driven approach towards generation of permeable peptide therapeutics $1,301,850.00
Howard, Michael Oregon Emergency Management HMGP DR4562 NHMP Updates for Jackson, Josephine and Lane Counties, City of Medford, and University of Oregon $203,034.00
Johnson, David University of Texas at Austin Extraordinary Electronic Switching of Thermal Transport $90,573.00
Joye, Sol The Ford Family Foundation The Oregon Research Schools Network $140,000.00
Kennedy, Jaime Oregon Department of Transportation OR202: Dresden St. to 4th St. Archaeological Survey $19,682.00
Kennedy, Jaime Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Task 2.Rock Creek Hatchery Property Archaeological Baseline, Douglas County $69,838.00
Lawrence, Regina Taylor & Francis Group PUBLISHING AGREEMENT: Appointment of Journal Editor $25,982.00
Madison, Ed Oregon Department of Education CCL OER Career Focus Videos $105,000.00
Melendez, Jose Oregon State University Large-Scale CoPe: The Cascadia Coastlines and People Hazards Research Hub $106,153.00
Melnick, Robert U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) NACE Fort Foote Cultural Landscape Report $57,000.00
Melnick, Robert U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) MANA Lucinda Dogan Farm CLRCultural Landscape Report (CLR) for the Lucinda Dogan and Groveton area of Manassas National Battlefield Park (MANA). $70,000.00
Millan, Isabel Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Queer of Color Children's Literature Across North America $31,500.00
Murray, Chris Administration for Community Living Transition to Integrated Employment Resources (TIER-NET) $100,000.00
Niell, Cristopher University of California - Santa Barbara Cortical visual processing for navigation[R01 -BRAIN- UCSB] $218,436.00
Plesa, Calin National Institutes of Health (NIH) DP2 - Proteome Scale Multiplexed Generation of Recombinant Antibodies $1,295,675.00
Plesa, Calin Industry Sponsor DropSynth methodology to create libraries of DNA sequences $138,000.00
Potter, Lawanda Head Start of Lane County Head Start Reimbursement for Early Childhood CARES Services FY22 $20,000.00
Prell, Jim Oregon Health and Science University Multiscale characterization of a unique class of duplex, multivalent IDP systems $25,453.00
Ralph, Peter National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scaling up computational genomics with tree sequences $556,834.00
Reeder, Jonathan Collins Medical Trust Thermal Management of Implantable Nerve Coolers for Cooling-induced Local Analgesia $20,000.00
Ryan, Johnny National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Role of clouds on the Greenland Ice Sheet's contribution to sea-level rise $91,398.00
Shanks, Alan Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission The Annual Recruitment of Dungeness Crab Megalopae and the Prediction of the Future Commercial Catch; Funding for Spring/Summer 2021 $9,944.00
Sinclair, James U.S. Department of Education (USDE) SIMPLE: School-wide Inclusive Mental health Promotion for Learning and coordinated community Engagement $388,466.00
Smear, Matt National Institutes of Health (NIH) Ethologically relevant short term memory in the olfactory bulb $1,076,370.00
Sutherland, Dave National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Characterizing environmental controls on ice mélange distributions and associated ice-ocean feedbacks in Greenland $45,000.00
Thomas, Amanda U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Large-scale carbon storage in saline volcanic basins [sub w/LBL] $20,002.00
Todahl, Jeff Friends of 90by30 Be Strong Families Cafe $6,380.00
Tomlinson, Titus State of Oregon RARE AmeriCorps 2021-22 Service Year $456,000.00
Tomlinson, Titus CCD Business Development Corporation RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: CCD Business Development Corporation $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus City of Roseburg RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: City of Roseburg $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus City of Lebanon RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: City of Lebanon $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus Lane County Public Works RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: Lane County Public Works $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus City of Oakridge RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: Oakridge Air $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus City of Pendleton RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: Pendleton Development Commission $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus South Central Oregon Economic Development District RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: South Central Oregon Economic Development District $23,500.00
Tomlinson, Titus Rogue Valley Food System Network RARE AmeriCorps Program 2021-22 Community: Rogue Valley Food System Network $23,500.00
Willett, Nick National Institutes of Health (NIH) Engineering the Immune and Fibrotic Response in Volumetric Muscle LossASSIST ID: 1066180 $337,432.00

*Does not include recurring task orders on existing grants, non-competitive continuations and other types of supplemental funding.