West Coast To West Cork: 10 Years Since the UO with Tamela Maciel

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Date/Time: Monday, May 24, 9:00am

Description: After graduating from the UO as a Physics and Mathematics double major and the school’s third recipient of the prestigious Marshall Scholarship, Tamela Maciel earned a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Cambridge. Her PhD research focused on jets from supermassive black holes and the impact they have on their host galaxies.

Since 2014 she has worked as a physics writer, editor, and public engagement manager with organizations such as the American Physical Society (Washington DC), Springer Nature (UK), and the National Space Centre (UK). She has extensive experience in research project management, science writing, and science public engagement, with a particular focus on space. Currently, Tamela works as the Project and Communication Manager for an air quality research project led by University College Cork, in Ireland.

Tamela grew up in the hills near Grants Pass, Oregon, and has a passion for the wilderness, the mountains, and the sea. After 10 years in the gentle countryside of middle England, she is delighted to now be based in the mountainous peninsulas of west cork, Ireland. She will share the opportunities and lessons from UO that prepared her for the past 10 years of research, science communication, love, and life abroad.